The Encyclopedia Republika is Here

After what seems like forever, I finally decided to go and put up the wiki. Basically, I hope that in time this becomes an indispensable guide to Armored Core for both beginners and veterans alike, for whatever game in the series.

What that means is detailed stuff like stats and accurate timelines; something far deeper and more specific than what Wikipedia has now. Also, unlike the current state of information on AC where you have to search high and low on both well-known and obscure sites just to find the information you’re looking for, I’m hoping we’ll be able to collate them in one easy-to-navigate structure.

Given the open nature of wikis I’m hoping to snag a few of you ganados to write things for the place. I know you all know your stuff, so why not show it off?

Everything you might need to know about this newfangled feature is here.

I’ll Break Your Face!

Last June 28, we held the second Iron Fisticuffs tournament. Basically since we’re now looking at other games to play each other at, things naturally turned to that genre which was birthed from the very idea of competition: fighting games. Specifically, Tekken: Dark Resurrection.

PACT – Prawns, Armored Core, Tekken

This is a very late update. With that, let’s go.

PACT IV came eventually. And the action was good. We saw a mix of old timers and newcomers, and I think the rules held up well. No one brought anything that was too overpowering or cheap. Cheers to you, gentlemen.


Calling all Ravens in the vicinity of Metro Manila!


Big Media Upload

Just finished uploading about 150 megabytes of pictures to the gallery. High resolution wallpapers, screenshots and scans are there, alongside smaller thumbnails from the previous games.

Yes, I know I could have a lot more interesting pictures by lurking here and here but seeing as those are owned by other people and not FromSoft itself, I decided not to.

If you’re only going to check out one area from the dozens of new ones, check out the Armored Core: for Answer screens and scans, which are mainly sourced from the AC Wiki. White Glint and that 1st Ranker blue AC are so beautiful in hi-res they make my eyes water.

Anyway, just check it out.

The Last Supper

Thank you Big Rigs, the best game ever made. If it weren’t for your greatly detailed textures and spot-on collision detection, as well your tight controls and realistic physics, this shot would have never happened.

Yeah there’s Rick Jesus in the center, and Goat Iscariot to his side. The other disciples may have moved around a bit though. For comparison’s sake:, Baby!

After a year and a half we finally decided to go and do it: buy ourselves the grand domain name of Sure some of that underground, free flavor will have been lost, but I don’t think it matters now anyway. We know who we are. Now it’s time to let the rest of the world know.

Plus now that I look back having a domain makes us look like freeloaders and amateurs. Haha.

In case of any troubles with the new address like broken links or error pages, direct your questions and complaints to the help desk.

Raven Republic (.net). Spread the word.

RR’s Christmas Escapade

Late updates seem to be the norm around here. Gotta change that for the New Year, RR!

Just this past December 28 to 29, a number of us went to have some R&R (the real R&R) over at Tagaytay Highlands. Once again, care of the kind sforzando, we stayed at a pretty nice condominium unit with all sorts of activities and good eats planned.