RR’s Eye Popping ACV Emblems

A huge surge of creativity outside designing ACs in RR. A lot of effort went into designing emblems, including those of RR mascots Sophie and then others. Eye popping effort done by RR’s resident artist Trace-02, each one of the emblems are original RR characters that are completely ogle/drool worthy. Take note that most of the emblems in the gallery are composed of 2 layers. Take a look at the awesome emblems after the jump:

Armored Core V Emblems

A recent surge of creativity has risen within the ACV world, this time with regards to the emblems that the ACs themselves carry. And again, it’s the Japanese who are leading the way.

It’s pretty amazing what can be done with a simple manipulation of the basic shapes available with the engine.

Not to be outdone, RR’s been up to some pretty good stuff too. Check them out after the jump.

Armored Core Analogs: Extension Boosters

While Armored Core has a healthy retinue of extension parts for just about every pilot’s needs, there are exceptions. And I don’t mean the cut above the rest, like the extension magazines, or those awesome projectile-swatting AMS that’s saved our asses more times than we can count.

I’m talking about the bottom of the barrel; the sort of parts that leave you scratching your heads and wondering WTF was going on the in the dev’s heads when they created them. They’re the sort of parts you’d rather die than equip on your AC (or more probably, you did die when equipped on your AC), and only keep around so you can brag about having a complete garage.

Armored Core E-Sports

Imagine that Armored Core could be played professionally as a recognized e-sport.

Imagine players (Ravens!) duking it out on stage to a massive crowd, and with a live commentated broadcast for television and the internet. There’d be organized teams complete with coaches and support staff and matching uniforms and gear from sponsors. Hordes of screaming fan girls (and boys) would be lined up for an autograph or photo of their favorite players. Ravens would be traveling the world to play on tournaments with lewd prize pools at stake.

Well imagine no more, as all that is actually already happening…

Merry Christmas 2010 From Raven Republic

Hint: There is a mistletoe in the picture, look for it and you’ll know where to kiss… Anyway, as RR is slowly trying to be active again, our resident illustrator Trace has made another mind-blowingly awesome rendition of RR’s cover girl Sophie Emilia. Sophie wishes everyone an advanced Merry Christmas! She just keeps looking better and better.

Thanks Trace :D.

Happy 4th Year Anniversary Raven Republic!

Welp, it’s that time of the year. Raven Republic was founded on August 13, 2006. We couldn’t resist posting a new colored Sophie Emilia picture to commemorate this event, drawn and colored yet again by the very talented Trace 02. RR’s cover girl still looks as fresh as ever. With all the events and meetings RR’s members have been through, we all hope to expect RR to stay around much longer.

Happy Birthday RR!

Armored Core Analogs: Ground Torpedoes

When it comes to missile technology, From Software has developed a twisted knack for finding all sorts of creative ways to screw us over. If you’re dodging the four-pronged assault of the Hydra, then you’re either evading Death-From-Above from a Mortar Rocket, or the slow, impending doom (and mushroom cloud) that follows from touching a Titan.

Armored Core Analogs: Sniper Rifles

Up until a certain point of Armored Core, sniper rifles were something of the neglected child of the rifle family. While they dished out absurd amounts of damage and had incredible range, their small lock boxes and slow firing rate made them nearly useless at medium to close range, which is where most AC fights happen.

So there they sat in the shops, unwanted, unloved, until From Software hit upon two changes that suddenly made it a very, very bad idea to bumrush anybody packing them. The first were left-arm mounts, which allowed users to expand the SR’s miniscule lockbox by synergizing it with the much larger lockbox of handguns in the left hand.