Front Mission Evolved Multiplayer Blues

Yes, we’re very much still alive here at RR, thank you very much. But anyway.

There’s been quite a buzz regarding Front Mission Evolved since it came out. Consistent enough with most mecha games, the single player experience in terms of plot/story and character development isn’t really surfacing on the write-ups around the web. Everyone has been more focused on the game mechanics, and more importantly how these translate into the multiplayer aspect.

Unfortunately, it’s not been all rosy reviews (or at all, for that matter).

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One More Wanzer Profile For Front Mission Evolved: KEHEI

Around a month left before Front Mission Evolved’s release and we get teased with a new Wanzer once again. This time it’s the KEHEI, a Wanzer from Da Han Zhong, a faction that first appeared during the events of Front Mission 3, and given the introduction of this unit, they might play another role in the upcoming FME title. The appearance of this Wanzer is very much different from the previous ZEPHYR teased a few months back. Nonetheless, this new unit is a welcome addition to FME’s growing arsenal.

Read more about this new Wanzer in the FME development blog.

Front Mission Evolved Pre-Order Bonuses

Okay, looks like our mecha trigger fingers will have to wait a little further, as Front Mission Evolved’s release date has been pushed back to September 28, a full 2 weeks from the original September 14 release date. However, all is not lost as FME’s devs are preparing two pre-order bonuses for those who wish to purchase the game prior to its release date. These bonuses are only available when you pre-order the game at Amazon, Gamestop, and Best Buy in North America only.

The two bonuses are the Calm and Rexson series of wanzers, both of which have existed since the first game and have been given updated visuals for FME. Like in previous games, the Calm is a multi-role wanzer while the Reckson is more sniper-oriented in design. Hit the jump to see what these classic Wanzers look like now:

Front Mission Evolved/ Metal Gear: Peace Walker Cross Over

In the form of decals. That’s right, that MGS/FME crossover we mentioned some time ago turns out to be Foxhound and MGS logos attachable to your customized Wanzer as reveled in the promo video seen after the jump:

Another New Set Of Front Mission Evolved Screens

You see that? That’s a skull on top of a Wanzer! The Magic Box recently unloaded a whole set of new screens for Front Mission Evolved, including what appears to be the ability to put a skull paint scheme on your Wanzer’s head. Talk about intimidating your opponents. Though the feature seems to exist for NPC units in the story, we have reason to believe the option will be unlockable for players for their personal enjoyment. View more FME new screens after the jump:

E3 Front Mission Evolved Multiplayer Gameplay

Here we see footage of a multiplayer demo of the upcoming mech shooter Front Mission Evolved coming from the recent E3 expo in the USA. Based on the trailer, we can definitely expect fast paced Wanzer gliding action, and a more arcade feel than an actual mech simulator. Of course, this is only a small preview of what to expect as Square Enix promises more in-depth tactical gameplay with the various Wanzer classes available to the player. Hit the jump for the video:

Front Mission Evolved – Prepare for Evolution Developer Trailer and More

Yes, there are boobies in the game.

Pretty much the trailer that will sum up everything that one could expect from Front Mission Evolved (and possibly more given the screenshot). The new trailer features new in-game footage, developer interviews, and a better overall idea on what the game feels like. This possibly shows and tells more about the game besides playing Front Mission Evolved itself. Hit the jump for the new trailer:

Front Mission Alternative And Front Mission 2 Getting English Translations

Following up their success in translating Front Mission 5, the hard working guys at are currently developing English translation patches for 2 elusive Front Mission titles never released outside of Japan. Hit the jump for more info: