Armored Core’s Storied PvP history: The Japanese Perspective

So it’s not just us doing a retrospective on Armored Core’s rich PvP history. It turns out, the Japanese AC community were thinking of the same thing. On 20 August, a mere 5 days before AC6’s launch, renowned Armored Core PvP players from all over Japan, spanning all generations of Armored Core, were interviewed to talk about their stories and experiences.

These include the famous YOU of Gen1, Mr. Light who was famous for participating in the Japan vs Korea AC special, Mr. Saikawa, semi-finalist in Battle Arena, and many others. They also point out which parts were overpowered/restricted from competitions, giving a historical perspective on how Armored Core PvP evolved through the generations.

Give this almost 8 hour program a watch:

Thanks to Val and Rascal over at ACD for sharing this gem of a historical piece.