Stop-Motion Gundam and Busou Shinki

The YouTube account CDCFL801 is totally packed with pain-staking stop-motion animations using various toys and figures such as Gundam and Busou Shinki. The webisodes are particularly noteworthy for excellent editing, super-smooth animation, and dynamic movement. What may be even more amazing is how his extensive collection survives such filming ordeals. Now if only we could understand the dialog…

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New Anime: Infinite Stratos

Attn: Immaterial and general Busou Shinki fans. Part of your dreams have come true:

So what is this? Like Busou Shinki, this is an anime about cute girls girls in battle armor. The difference is, they actually have some nice looking CG battles to show for it. Not exactly on the level of the beautiful Macross F, maybe a level below it but still quite good if you ask us. Watch the trailer above to see for yourself.

To quote Fox, one of our forum members:

I see a weapon that looks like funnels, a weapon that looks like an exceed orbit and a weapon that looks like an AC-style laser blade, plus the guy’s armor seems strangely familiar as well.

A connection maybe?

[via: Japanator]

Infinite Stratos is set for a winter anime season release.

Busou Shinki and Busou Shinki: Battle Masters

Let’s sidetrack a little from our usual Armored Core coverage and focus on a recent game released under the name Busou Shinki: Battle Masters.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Busou Shinki (Armament God Princess) is a toy franchise accompanied by an online game that features girls clad in armor and weapons. Each series release is called a “Wave” where in each Wave, a specific artist designs weapons and armor sets, giving a unique feel or theme for each Wave release. Continue reading after the jump:

Raven Republic Armored Core Kit(ty) Bash 3

Raven Republic members held the 3rd AC kit bash event last October 10 in forum member Trace‘s residence. Kit Bash 3 is a combination AC model assembly, painting, model mash-up, and photo-op, members try to assemble model kits, paint them, and see which one fits with another, though the actual AC kit bash hasn’t occurred yet (a true mix-match of parts resulting in an original creation hasn’t materialized as of the moment). Of course, it wouldn’t be complete w/o Japanese curry, the official food during an AC kit bash meet.

Anyway, pics of the model creations after the jump.