RR Fails the Burger Challenge!

Last September 27, a few of us went down to Burger Avenue to try out the Ridiculous Burger Challenge they’re having. For those unfamiliar with this marketing shtick, a bit of background, stolen from ClickTheCity. The price has been jacked up to P260, but whatever:

Make your way to the counter and order yourself a Ridiculous Burger (P200) – three big, thick, juicy patties in one burger. This burger is actually a steal at 200 pesos – most burger joints offer the same price just for one patty with a sauce of your choice. Now, back to the burger. It is ridiculous and action-packed with its three all-beef patties, a hefty stuffing of lettuce and tomatoes. And to top it all off, three slices of cheese.

Just inform the people at the counter that you are taking on the Ridiculous Challenge, and they will whip up their timer. Finish the burger within five minutes, ring the bell, and you get a full refund! Yep, a free burger if you can chomp on it before the time is up. And before you go on exclaiming, “That’s ridiculous!”, it sort of is not, as a good and growing number of people have triumphed over the huge burgers. Burger Avenue has a ‘Hall of Fame’ of sorts on their wall. They’ve got photos of the people who gobbled up the burgers in record time, proving that indeed, you can do it!

Unfortunately, 3 slabs of beef plus a forest of cabbage, with a siding of a whole tomato was just too much for anyone of us to take within five minutes. No one won over the enemy. But we did witness this American dude who looked like Hulk Hogan and/or Paul Tuttle Senior who managed it in around four and a half minutes.

Some of us like Doc and Fox went back a few days later, but also failed. One of these days I’d also like to go back, and actually savor the thing instead of forcing it down my throat. Ah well.

Pictures of us about to barf are here. Enjoy!