Grendizer Returns

What you can expect here is a (rather) short CG re-make of the classic 70’s Super Robot anime Grendizer. While lacking the production values of the Gaiking trailer, this one has an actual short fight scene and perhaps a gritty preview of things to come if this project continues. This short video was created by C4D Team Animation Studio for the 30th anniversary of Grendizer in Italy (Apparently Grendizer and giant robots in general have quite a following in Italy). The video itself is quite entertaining, give it a view and compare it to the original 70’s opening after the jump:

Super Japanese Mecha Anime Opening Collection

Megas XLR not included.

Because everyone digs giant robots.

Ok, I know I’ve been slow. Not covering Silent Line Portable‘s JP release was already a sign and missing last week’s Random Mecha Video of the day/week was another. So to make it all up for the lack of Random Mecha Videos and content, I present a massive collection of Mecha Anime openings from 1960’s till 2008. This is not my work, but it has been floating around an would at least interest anyone who has played SRW and asked “Where the hell did this robot come from?”. You’ll see it all, from icons like Tetsujin 28 (including the re-makes and re-imaginations), Mazinger-Z, various Macross and Gundam titles, to obscure super-robot titles such as Chogattai Majutsu Robo Gingaizer (Super Combining Magical Power Robo Gingaizer). It’s 7-8 hours of awesomeness and mecha history. The download links after the jump.