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PACT 4 - Let's go RAVENS!
<center>[Image: sophiepact4darkenedwithgg4.jpg]
"Gear up and go Raven, It's time to show your best." - Sophie Emilia

(Special thanks to Trace for the drawing :3 here's the link to a slightly bigger version of the poster)



When: June 7, 2008, Saturday, at 10am in the morning until hopefully 7pm.

Where: Sforza's residence in Makati. (PM Lord_Leperman for instructions on how to get there). Event starts at 10am until hopefully 7-8pm.

Game: Armored Core: Last Raven (AC:LR)

Format: Tournament flow will follow a double elimination format as mentioned here:

Rules: A three (3) round format will be the used; 5 minutes per round (may be shortened to 3 minutes as per time constraints).

Standard PACT rules shall be applied, see here for more details.

Two (2) ACs with no repeating parts (except for optional parts) shall be allowed per person. The AC can use the same leg type, but not the same exact part (i.e. you can use tank legs for both of your units, but not the exact same tank leg part model) per AC, including internals and weapons.

A participant shall use one (1) AC against the opponent's other AC. The second round will force players to swap their ACs with the one in reserve. The 3rd round shall allow both participants to choose which ever AC they wish to use.

The scoring system using the AP score format will be retained. This format computes the total amount of AP left for the three (3) bouts for each pair of participants. The participant with the higher total sum AP after the three (3) rounds shall be declared the winner.

Random map selection.

Materials needed: PS2s, PS2 link cable, TVs, Controllers, Memory Cards, Copies of AC:LR/Tekken 5, other games you might want to play, food.

If you would like to make a suggestion or need any clarification regarding the event or regarding transportation, please do not hesitate to post.

Transportation: Take the MRT to Buendia station where I'll be picking up people at 10 AM, and 11AM. Another pickup time will be scheduled at 2pm for those unable to make it at an earlier. Please let us know what time you will be going.

List of participants:

Lord Leperman
Moonlight Raven
Grimweld 09
Azuriel 07

Non-Participants (will be late):



Black Dragon
Zeraph 23
Sounds nice, if only I could attend as usual.

Don't forget to choose the tournament format that gives players the most fun. The swiss format sounds boring. All those 1-1 scores look like a cop out when guys could just continue to beat each other up.

So yeah, go on and kill each other! Blow each other (up)!
Hahah yeah we'll still have to talk about the format. I just wanted to bring it up.

It's just that the formats used for the past few tournaments haven't been that reliable for rankings. Biases have been constant problems too (number of total matches, match intervals).

BUT, yes, at the end of the day, let's not forget that we're playing to have fun, kiddos!

Proposed rules:
- PACT bans, as usual
- An adaptation of PACT III rules: Only 2 ACs now. No repeated parts. Repeatable leg-types
- Random map selection (such as in PACT III), with one of our banned maps thrown in for the heck of it (i.e. Volcano)
*Edited my post into Nix's 1st post*
Hey Rick, should I still continue posting this on the Friendster Boards? LOL

Edit: Haha. I don't think I want to.

Hopefully, I can go here. I'm gonna forget about finishing VOTOMS, my obsession is almost gone, after 7-10 years of wanting it, though not able to get much of it. It's pure AC for now.
pupunta me just put me at tentative list
if you know yourself and your enemy you will never fear the results of a hundred battles if you know yourself but not the enemy for every victory you will suffer a defeat if you dont know yourself neither your enemy you will lose at every battle.<br />sun tzu, the art of war
And here I am wishing I was back home.. in the philipines, with friends, and fellow pilots... you make me sad panda..
"Stand tall, shake the Heavens"

Back of case of "Xenogears"
That sucks indeed man. At least you have access to kai. Tongue Give us a heads up if ever you're here on vacation or something.
Of course I'm going.

I'd like to contest the idea of implementing the AP scoring system we used last time though. It really kills the excitement matches have.

2 ACs sound good to me though.
Yeah, I don't like the AP system too. Tongue

Again, what do we do regarding the format? --> We can use the brackets here as templates.

Double elimination seems to be the way to go.
Random thought: how about winning by AP percentage (per match)? In case time runs out during a match, we calculate the percent of AP left (or lost, same thing) of the AC's max AP per player. The one with a higher percent of his/her max AP wins. Of course a kill is a win, a ring-out is still a loss. Draws, in any case, is considered a draw or will mean a rematch?
"Numbers are not part of the real world; they're part of something else."

-Prof. Rolly Panopio, UPLB Math Division

I'd still prefer that the winner be decided by the higher nominal AP value the way the game uses it, ind if we're pushing through with the AP scoring thing.

Just a thought however, what if a situation like this occurs:

Round 1
Player 1's AC:A vs. Player 2's AC:A

Player 1 wins

Round 2
Player 2's AC:B vs. Player 2's AC:B

Player 1 wins again.

Will there still be an opportunity for Player 1's AC:A to fight Player 2's AC:B and vice versa if we don't implement the AP scoring system?

Admittedly, the AP scoring system may remove the fun out of fights if one gains a huge lead in the early rounds, but I think it is a more detailed method of determining a winner for competitions that involve more than just one AC per person, since it rates the overall effectiveness of all the ACs created by the person against all the other ACs created by his opponent. Other than that, I think its more exciting if a player makes a comeback after incurring a loss in the previous round in such a system. We can also use the AP percentage and compute for the average AP percentage of all the ACs used, and declare the winner based on who has the higher percentage.

If all else fails, we can always come back to a single AC system like we used in PACT 1 and 2, which is the most basic and bare-bones system there is Tongue

I think Draws need a re-match, especially if it takes place during the final round where both participants each have a win on their side.

Oh, and Nix, thanks for the tourney designs link. The double elimination format from the site looks like its worth a try.
This isn't threat or anything, but if the AP scoring system isn't going to be used, I'm not joining PACT 4. I'll still attend/host regardless though.

If you guys want to hold it here, I'm fine with that too.

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