The competition. The fun. The camaraderie. The crazy-ass people. Just some of the words that sum us up.

We are the Raven Republic, the first (and still only) Armored Core community in the Philippines.

Armored Core is a game by From Software revolving around modular giant robots blowing stuff up.

Whether it’s the customization, the action, the strategy, or the feeling of sitting next to your opponent as you pound their robotic avatar into oblivion, we don’t know. But something in this game grabs us all and makes us share a common interest. Even when separated by geographic boundaries, we manage to feel as one community.

Come join us! You’ll usually find members hanging around at our forums.

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The RR Team:


Fox stumbled upon a little known game called Armored Core in early 1998 but the disc was so heavily scratched that he gave it away instead. He then found out about Project Phantasma later in the year and has since then been playing all the AC games he could find. He also builds AC model kits and can be usually found in the Plamo section of the forums.


Posts | Email | YouTube | Grim first started playing AC way back in the days of Project Phantasma. Disgruntled with the fact that Filipino players didn't have a place that they could call home (only being relegated to regional subforums on larger AC sites), he decided to create The Raven Republic back in August 13, 2006. He likes rainbows and unicorns.





Posts | Email | YouTube | NiX became a fan of AC when he first played it on the PlayStation demo disc. He was active in various AC communities during the Silent Line era. And in 2006, with the founding of Raven Republic, he finally found a home online.


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