PACT – Prawns, Armored Core, Tekken

This is a very late update. With that, let’s go.

PACT IV came eventually. And the action was good. We saw a mix of old timers and newcomers, and I think the rules held up well. No one brought anything that was too overpowering or cheap. Cheers to you, gentlemen.

Regarding the rankings, like I said in the forums, I couldn’t, for the life of me, find out who placed third. So in the interest of fairness and laziness combined, we opted not to have one. Congrats to the new champ, Ethermaster_X102A! Congrats too to the runner-up, Moonlight_Raven.

Here’s a vid of the finals. Although both of these guys have been long-time members of the forums, both were first timers in the tournament (three-time defending champ Lord_Leperman did not participate, unfortunately, and neither did three-time runner-up NiX).

Armored Core, while still the formal cause of the event, eventually took a backseat to Tekken. Even while the tournament was going on in one room people were in the adjacent one bashing heads around. I had the personal pleasure of being pounded to the ground by Sforza‘s Lili, arch_angel‘s Jin, and Doom Trigger‘s Dragunov.

But as everyone who went that day can attest, the real big thing in this meet was the massive amounts of prawns the good Doctor brought. Thanks for that Doc.

With each successive PACT the focus becomes less and less on AC itself and more on other games/things/stuff. No matter, it’s still good times anyway.

Pictures of the day were pretty sparse, but you can view them here.