Armored Core: Limit Release Progress

This fine and dandy Armored Core modification for Unreal Tournament has been in development for a year now, and much progress has been made since its inception. You can get more info on this up-and-coming modification on Moodydata’s Moddb page for Armored Core: Limit Release. For this update, progress has been made with new animations which you can check out below.

More Updates on Armored Core: Limit Release

David Ball, or Moodydave/Moodydata as he’d like to be known in the internet, has been continuing the development of his one-man effort called Armored Core: Limit Release.

In his 42nd update on moddb, he shares how this pet project of his has gone on for far longer than he expected but that he looks at what he learns from the work rather than how much still needs to be done. What is unclear until now though is whether the project will simply be an OVA or a fully playable mod. But with his mindset, we can only expect good developments either way.

And to cap things off, Dave has treated us to an all new teaser. He even managed to get a few voice actors. Do check it out below.

Armored Core: Limit Relase Fangame Update

Though updates are irregular, Armored Core: Limit Release is shaping up to be a nice working fangame. The game uses the Unreal 3 game engine, and at the moment the game has a few rendered parts for in-game demonstrations and will eventually feature AC customization (The famous Karasawa series of laser rifles is at least confirmed to be in the game). At its current state it is still far from playable, but given the work progress and the animations presented, Armored Core: Limit Release promises to deliver an authentic Armored Core experience as seen in the trailer after the jump:

Armored Core: Limit Release – AC Fan Game for PC

Here’s some interesting Armored Core related news, someone decided it was high time to move the game onto the PC platform. A person going by the name of Moodydave is currently developing a fan-made Armored Core game for the PC using the Unreal 3 development kit, and will be releasing it for free when the time comes. The story seems to be a mix mash of the various generations of Armored Core as taken from the Moddb page:

Set in the distant future, the majority of Earth has been destroyed by the Great Destruction, the terraforming of Mars by Zio Matrix has been put into Chaos by “The Frighteners” and the surface that mankind once thought would be within reach has been destroyed by “The Alliance”,”Vertex” and “The Ancient Weapons”. With hardly anything left mankind yet again lives below the surface dreaming of a future without war, but in reality can that dream by realized?.

More details and pictures after the jump: