Real-life Rideable Mecha in the Making

Kōgorō Kurata, who years ago built a life-size VOTOMS statue, is now concentrating his efforts on building his very own 4-ton 4-meter-tall rideable mech. Once complete, the mech will be able to move through hydraulics, software, and a diesel engine, and it will even have a working cockpit hatch.

Armored Core Fan Art by Taurustrin

Longtime AC enthusiast and occasional forum poster Taurustrin continues to impress with his highly stylized depictions of Armored Cores, such as in this wallpaper-worthy rendition of White Glint.

You’ll find more of his amazing work below and at his deviantart page.

Now THAT’S an Armored Core: Guns VS. Missiles

Another fine entry in our “Now That’s An Armored Core” line. How do you turn basic AC models in to hulking badasses of destruction? Let 507 design one of them and let another AC modeling madman re-design Armored Core’s super bad guy and turn it into a beast rivaling 507’s famous Black Rain.

Scratch-Built Spirit of Mother Will from Armored Core: for Answer

The dauntingly massive Arms Fort Spirit of Mother Will from Armored Core: for Answer comes to you as a (not-so-massive) scratch-built model from the same guy who brought to us the recently featured Phosphorus Armored Core.

Stop-Motion Gundam and Busou Shinki

The YouTube account CDCFL801 is totally packed with pain-staking stop-motion animations using various toys and figures such as Gundam and Busou Shinki. The webisodes are particularly noteworthy for excellent editing, super-smooth animation, and dynamic movement. What may be even more amazing is how his extensive collection survives such filming ordeals. Now if only we could understand the dialog…

See a few more below!

Now THAT’S an Armored Core: Phosphorus

An utterly underwhelming name for a very awesome looking kit, like calling everything featured in “Now That’s an Armored Core” a bunch of MTs. The creator, Reikouzi could have called it something like Firestorm, or something more well deserving.

LEGO Armored Core – White Glint

Armored Core: For Answer cover AC White Glint has come back, in Lego form. Found in the account by a user named Dak Yuki, this Lego Armored Core is one of the more complicated ones to build given the amount of detail involved, as well as the articulation present. You can view more of this lovely masterpiece below.

Rayleonard 04-Alicia White Pearl Ver. Kit

Rayleonard 04-ALICIA White Pearl Ver.

The newest addition to Kotobukiya‘s Variable Infinity line has just been announced. This time, it is a White Pearl version of the Rayleonard 04-Alicia from Armored Core at the 1/72 scale. The kit is scheduled for release on September 2011 at a price point of ¥5,500.