Colorful Armored Core 5 Trailer. Not Quite As Destructive.

An explosive amount of color, love and friendship in this ACV video. As if Armored Core existed in the world of ponies, friendship, love, and tolerance. The magical barf before your eyes will definitely show the true colors of war that only Armored Core 5 can deliver.

AC fans, why do you do that?

Thanks NiX for showing what love and friendship in the battlefield can do.

Armored Core: Sailor Moon

What’s this? Someone actually took the time of putting a robotic version of Sailor Moon for Armored Core: Master of Arena, and it looks like it is working just as expected. We’re strangely excited about trying this out for some reason, and we’re expecting some sort of magical transformation to occur when you equip the grenade launcher. See the gameplay video after the jump:

Don’t have Weak Abs – Build an “Armored Core”

Not quite what mech gamers will expect. Despite the similar trademark names, Mike The Machine (Author of the video) will show you how to build your abdominal muscles through his “Armored Core” training program. The video demonstrates procedures on increasing your load capacity (400lb sit-ups), how to bulletproof your AC (Ab smashing with a bowling ball) and further enhancing the flexibility and endurance of your parts (various exercises) which will only strengthen your developed Armored Core.

Trademark similarities aside, Mike “The Machine” Bruce seems to be an accomplished athlete enough to create an exercise program that focuses on developing your muscles from your chest to your pelvis (I mean, just look at the dude). If you ever feel like getting ripped, and smashing rocks like blowing up MTs, just trust the “Armored Core” name to get the job done. You can order the totally non- Armored Core related exercise video here. View a short video from the DVD after the jump:


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Wait, What? Is That Macross? No, Its Astro Plan!

Its hard not to see similarities between Astro Plan and the popular series Macross. It has a cool looking poster though. No news if this is a game or an animation production of some sort. A short video clip of what to expect and a shot of the cast after the jump:

White Glint Cosplay and Dance

Someone apparently cosplayed as White Glint from AC:FA and did a short dance number. Enjoy! :D

Bad Gundams!

Ask any mecha fan what they think is the most prolific mecha plamo maker is and more often than not, the answer you’ll get is Bandai. Aside from various Macross and Digimon figures and toys, they are also the sole manufacturer of the entire Gundam model kit and figure lineup, which they started back in the early ’80s. The very first releases were non-graded kits of the RX-78-2 and the Zaku II, which featured very minimal detail and poseability and required paint and glue to complete.

NSFW: Even if You Live in a House of Gold, Dancing Like an Idiot Still Makes You an Idiot.

Or in this case, living in a house with an awesome Neo-Geo games collection. However, I wouldn’t think that anyone would ever disgrace themselves in front of something like the Holy Grail. I would assume that the guy in the picture/video isn’t the real owner and he’s just a random sex offender out to sodomize the owner’s pet gerbil. He gets erotically stimulated by the presence of such an awesome Neo-Geo games collection instead and grabs the webcam in the room and starts showing off the collection as if it were his own, mooning his prized buttocks and stimulating his nipples in the process. Video after the jump, very NSFW: