Armored Core Community News July 2023

One month before the release of Armored Core 6, the community is now swamped with Armored Core content and news. FromCheng of ACL has nicely compiled an exhaustive list of articles and videos covering AC6’s launch and events through his biweekly newsletter. The whole list of content can be viewed in this thread. There’s plenty of material to go through, so enjoy.

In other news, older AC sites and communities are making a revival. Much like ACU, Eternal Core (AKA AC-X), one of the older English Armored Core communities is making a comeback. It’s founder, JinX, is an OG in the space participating in the very first Master of California Armored Core tournament, and made huge contributions to the community with his online AC builders back in the day.

That’s it for this short update on things, we’ll continue our coverage as more AC news comes up.