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[OLD] Encyclopedia Republika
Yeah, so it's up already.

If you have anything at all which is useful information about Armored Core, let the world know by putting it there, whether it's your original work or copy pasta from the net. Be sure to cite your sources, and do try to make your work fit in with the rest of the stuff. Also, please try to use straight English to be able to accomodate the maximum amount of people.

ER is protected by passwords, so contributors will have to contact me first to get it.

Now, about the format of the wiki:

<a href=""></a>

Groups refer to larger chunks of data. To this end, I've created one group for every Armored Core game. Also, here we'll put the more overarching ideas behind the games, like general building tips, tactics that work quite well for the majority of the titles, and a complete(!) storyline.

Pages as you'd expect are for more specific topics, and this is where the articles actually go. Here goes the technical stuff, and other things more central to any certain game like stats.

The wiki has it's own documentation on the side if you need help, and a Sandbox page where you can experiment with whatever.

Basically, that's it. Enjoy!
I am currently writing a LONG article on ARM weapons on AC:LR, I might go the extra mile and describe each weapon's performance, but for now I'm still making the general description of each ARM weapon category. Currently I'm still half way through the draft phase. Maybe I'll add a small pic of each weapon if I'm not too lazy (might rearrange individual weapons as stubs instead).
Cool! Thanks Rick. Fox also pledged his writing skills, so that makes for a great grand total of 3.

Any more?
Non-existent, imaginary writing skills that is...

For my part, i'm planning a series on the different events that took place in each AC game. Stuff ranging from Stinger's acquisition of the Phantasma technology, The Controller's destruction and rediscovery to Jack-O's rebellion against Alliance during the Internecine War. Probably could include some stuff about Anatolia's mercenary as well.

Just need to gather more data...
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
There's the AC Chronology waiting to be retranslated.......

I couldn't do much writing, i'l just upload some pics, check them out if they're useful.
Fox gave me advice on not using user accounts anymore as it's less administrative work. He's right, so we'll just protect the wiki by passwords. Once you know it, you can contribute immediately.

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