Calling all Ravens in the vicinity of Metro Manila!


When: Moved to June 7, 2008.

Where: Sforza’s residence in Makati.

Game: Armored Core: Last Raven (AC:LR)

Format: Tournament flow will follow a double elimination format as mentioned here.

Rules: A three (3) round format will be the used; 5 minutes per round (may be shortened to 3 minutes as per time constraints).

Standard PACT rules shall be applied, see here for more details.

Two (2) ACs with no repeating parts (except for optional parts) shall be allowed per person. The AC can use the same leg type, but not the same exact part (i.e. you can use tank legs for both of your units, but not the exact same tank leg part model) per AC, including internals and weapons.

A participant shall use one (1) AC against the opponent’s other AC. The second round will force players to swap their ACs with the one in reserve. The 3rd round shall allow both participants to choose which ever AC they wish to use.

The scoring system using the AP score format will be retained. This format computes the total amount of AP left for the three (3) bouts for each pair of participants. The participant with the higher total sum AP after the three (3) rounds shall be declared the winner.

Random map selection.

Materials needed: PS2s, PS2 link cable, TVs, Controllers, Memory Cards, Copies of AC:LR/Tekken 5, other games you might want to play, food.