Tekken 6 for PS3 – Mini Review

Aside from Armored Core and mecha, the members of Raven Republic also have a deep appreciation for competitive fighting games such as Tekken. So of course, the much-awaited console release of Tekken 6 made several of us ecstatic, arch_angel in particular. Check out his passionate review below.

I’ll Break Your Face!

Last June 28, we held the second Iron Fisticuffs tournament. Basically since we’re now looking at other games to play each other at, things naturally turned to that genre which was birthed from the very idea of competition: fighting games. Specifically, Tekken: Dark Resurrection.

PACT – Prawns, Armored Core, Tekken

This is a very late update. With that, let’s go.

PACT IV came eventually. And the action was good. We saw a mix of old timers and newcomers, and I think the rules held up well. No one brought anything that was too overpowering or cheap. Cheers to you, gentlemen.

PACT III, Concluded

PACT III: ah, the day finally arrived. After planning the new regulations for so long, we finally got to try it out in a real tournament situation. And the results confirmed what was lingering there all along, but no one really pointed out… that the format was pure genius. Forcing players to create three distinct (and by distinct, I mean really distinct) ACs was the key to refreshing the way we approached the game as a whole.

Think about it: every round, a different AC to face. That means readjusting everything: your strategy, the tactics you will use, what kind of game you’re going to play, and so on, all while taking into account your opponent’s personal and general playing style. Quite a challenge, and as beastkiller said, it really forces you out of your comfort zone, which is always a good thing.

The matches were great. We had good variety of designs and playstyles.

Eventually we had a winner, and surprise surprise, who else would it be but the best among us? Congrats Leperman!

Click on the image below to see the whole story of the brackets. If the right side doesn’t make any sense, well let’s just say we have a winner, and leave it at that. Otherwise explanations would take all day.