LEGO Armored Core – White Glint

Armored Core: For Answer cover AC White Glint has come back, in Lego form. Found in the account by a user named Dak Yuki, this Lego Armored Core is one of the more complicated ones to build given the amount of detail involved, as well as the articulation present. You can view more of this lovely masterpiece below.

Armored Core from Silent Line in LEGO!

To go with all the other LEGO ACs we’ve already featured, we now bring to you this super awesome LEGO rendition of the ridiculously overweight poster AC from Silent Line.

Supplice in LEGO Form

Yet again, another Armored Core in LEGO, likely from the same guy who made the Lego Cascade Range. Again found at the depths of Armored Core Wiki, we’re starting to think that if you’re baddass enough to make an AC out of LEGO, you are smart enough to outwit some internet stalkers. More pictures after the jump:

LEGO Cascade Range

It seems not only the V2 Gundam can be turned into a LEGO statue as Armored Core: Last Raven’s Cascade Range has returned, in LEGO form. These pictures are found in the depths of the Japanese Armored Core Wiki site, and thus the name of the creator and the instructions on how to make this magnificent piece escape us. Enjoy another image of this LEGO masterpiece after the jump:

Awesome LEGO Mech – Now With Instructions!

This here is probably the most awesome LEGO mech ever, and it’s a Gundam! The attention to detail on this creation is just striking, with various double joints and a transformation sequence that rivals that of model kits WITHOUT removing any of the LEGO block parts. This just shows the amount of precision and passion involved with this work, not to mention that the creator also included the V2 Assault Buster Gundam parts as well. The entire building and transformation process after the jump:

Trinity, Help!

Remember the scene in The Matrix where Neo first displays signs of being the One? I think that was one of the first few scenes in movie history that really made good use of bullet-time effects.

Fast forward a few years later, and someone’s made a tribute video. Not content to be mediocre however, it was decided that no fewer than 440 hours of work should be put in to make it. And that LEGO should be used as the building blocks of the recreation. We salute you, LegoMatrix.

As always, for more awesome Internet finds, head on over to the Project Awesome thread in the forums.

LEGO Armored Core

We have a bit of a LEGO theme going on here. But here’s a nice change of pace: this one’s actually related to Armored Core.

Flickr user bermudafreze‘s photostream sports a couple of recent shots of three ACs (one quad, two bipeds) made from LEGO. They’re pretty detailed, and are mostly faithful to for Answer-era parts. See more after the jump.

8-Bit LEGO Awesomeness!

Applehead recently pointed us all towards what is probably the greatest YouTube video many of us have ever seen.

With their masterful combination of LEGO animation and playful music, the duo known as Rymdreglage (Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh) successfully rekindle the feel of video games from the 8-bit era through their video masterpiece aptly entitled 8-bit Trip.

Keep an eye on this viral video in the making.

For more awesome Internet finds, head on over to the Project Awesome thread in the forums.

UPDATE (8/25/09) – When I went to bed, yesterday, the vid was still at 180,000+ views. Now it’s at 400,000+!