PSX Armored Core PVP – Now with Rollback!

Over at Twitter and on our Discord server, val brought this to our attention: HeatXD‘s fork of DuckStation with GGPO, which in turn enables netplay with rollback.

For those unaware, GGPO is middleware/code that is designed to mitigate differences in ping and latency by simulating the next frames of action in games based on previous inputs from the player. If an input arrives that is different from what is being simulated, the game “rolls back” to the frame of the last correct state, and then executes the player’s inputs as intended. What this amounts to is a sometimes jerky, but near-lagless online experience, which is preferred over a delayed on-screen reaction. GGPO was created by Tony Cannon (of the Cannon Bros/SRK/Evo Championship Series fame), and as such has a rich history with fighting games. In fact, a lot of modern fighting games have implemented GGPO code.

HeatXD‘s implementation has been hotly received, and at the time of writing, there are already numerous examples of games benefiting from the addition over on his Twitter – from Tekken 3, to Bloody Roar 2, to Rival Schools, and even Gundam Battle Assault 2. There’s also a written guide to help you set it up, so no excuses.

So, what does this mean for first-gen AC PVP? In val‘s own words:

Seems like a strong case to me.

[via val on Twitter and HeatXD on GitHub]

More of the Sickest Armored Core Music Remixes

You’ve probably listened to The Answer tribute album over a decade ago, and now we found something to tide you over until the eventual release of Armored Core 6.

These are a bunch of Armored Core inspired tracks, amazingly composed by Shok Music. Every single track in the playlist is sure to hype you up for the upcoming AC game, or maybe use those tracks instead of AC:LR’s mediocre sound track. Give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

Do give Shok Music a like, and sub, they deserve it. Now excuse me while I drown myself in this wonderful music land.

Rumored Armored Core 6 Release Window

Further proof that Armored Core 6 is the worst-kept secret in the gaming world, rumors about a potential release window have surfaced thanks to dubious sources. According to these rumors, the game could be released around September-October 2023, just in time for the year-end holiday season, if the release date is indeed final.

However, it’s worth considering that the game may be delayed for further polishing, as was the case with From’s previous title, Elden Ring, which was delayed from 2021 to 2022.

We’ll keep you updated on any rumors or news related to Armored Core.

Thanks Atdsutm for the news source.

Verdict Day Emblem Creation Timelapse Videos

We’re no strangers to love and fancy emblems here at RR, as seen on our past showcases (exhibits A, B, and C), and in our general penchant for boob supremacy in ACV’s maps in years past.

It’s always interesting to take a look at the entire emblem-making process though – how different colors, layers, shapes (and even logographic letters) are intentionally assembled up to the point where a discernible image emerges. Cue in this newly-minted YouTube channel showing just that, in Verdict Day.

It’s kind of like those videos where the artist does some seemingly random swipes on the canvas, only to rotate it 180 degrees for the final reveal. Pretty fucking neat.

[via turtlemaster1993 on Reddit]

ACLR Fantasy Tournament by LCC and TMRaven

Armored Core veterans LCC and TMRaven recently hosted a fantasy tournament for Armored Core: Last Raven over at the Armored Core Discord server.

A fantasy tournament is where a couple of hosts play with submitted AC designs and pit them against each other in a tournament setting. This largely bypasses the geographical restrictions of playing against each other and equalizes the skill factor in piloting ACs, since they use the same pilots throughout the entire fantasy tournament.

Here were the 16 participants, care of TMRaven.

Individual battles from his perspective will be uploaded to his channel in the coming days:

Meanwhile, LCC streamed the entire tournament:

Congratulations to Crimson Fury with his AC Libra for winning the tournament! Thank you as well to LCC and TMRaven for hosting. It’s not an easy feat organizing and playing a fantasy tournament, and we really appreciate your efforts for the community. May your cores continue to be armored.

NEXT – Season 1 – Armored Core: Last Raven Tournament

Mobius and some members of the Armored Core Discord community have decided to host a tournament for Armored Core: Last Raven in response to the recent surge of activity and interest after the Armored Core 6 announcement.

The banned parts list for this tournament is particularly interesting.

Heads: CR-H05XS-EYE3
Cores: CR-C83UA – REGULATION RULE: This core is only banned if hangers parts are to be utilized.
Arms: A09-LEMUR2, YA10-LORIS
Booster: CR-B83TP
Insides: All ECM makers
Extensions: All Energy Mags
Back Weapon: WB31B-PEGASUS 、WB27O-HARPY2
Right Arm Weapon: CR-WH79H3
Left Arm Weapon: CR-WH79H3
Hangars: CR-WH01HP, YWH14PU-ROC4, WR12PU-ROC2
REGULATION: Hover legs are exempt from the Frame-Part ban rule
REGULATION: Tank Legs are exempt from Frame-Part Ban rules with exception to the Regulation addendum regarding CR-C83UA hangers.
Information and HUD
[ Enemy Data OFF ]

The tournament is open to those who are relatively new to competitive Last Raven.

For more information on the rules and how to register, check the full post on our forums.

Armored Core: Verdict Day JPN Tournament

The Japanese Armored Core community just concluded an intense and very entertaining tournament for Armored Core: Verdict Day. Check out their recording, and congratulations to the winner.

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