I’ll Break Your Face!

Last June 28, we held the second Iron Fisticuffs tournament. Basically since we’re now looking at other games to play each other at, things naturally turned to that genre which was birthed from the very idea of competition: fighting games. Specifically, Tekken: Dark Resurrection.

Doom Trigger hosted the event this time, a clean break from Sforza’s undying hospitality.

In any case, after a while when everyone was settled in, we got down to business. I saw 2 Kings, a Kazuya, a Bruce, a Lei, a Jin, a Hwoarang, a Baek, a Dragunov, a Feng and a Marduk. Matches were paced quite well, and the action was great.

By some stroke of luck, powerhouse DT was eliminated by fellow powerhouse AEA1. Nicely done, Doc, and thanks. Again.

It came down to a match between me and arch_angel‘s Jin “The Traveler” Kazama. The rounds went by, and before we knew it we were at the fifth and final round. As things would have it, he gave a low 4 which I sidestepped… and then my Marduk grabbed him. Bam, it was over.


It’s weird though… right after I won I got terribly beaten all over the place by everyone. Also, this godly secret character by the name of Lloyd appeared. No one really won anymore after that. The Bryan 50-percenter was just too much for anyone to take.

Rest of the day and in-betweens were pretty much like any RR meet. A smattering of games: we had one big screen for the tourney, taken up by a PS3, an LCD in the other room, taken up by another PS3 (but really, just MGS4), and Nerese‘s 14-incher for playing AC PvP on the PS2. Doc brought his prawns as usual. And the food. How could one forget it. Glorious, glorious food.

Smashing day, if I may say so.