Sep 272011

An explosive amount of color, love and friendship in this ACV video. As if Armored Core existed in the world of ponies, friendship, love, and tolerance. The magical barf before your eyes will definitely show the true colors of war that only Armored Core 5 can deliver.

AC fans, why do you do that?

Thanks NiX for showing what love and friendship in the battlefield can do.

Feb 072011
The Answer Cover

We’re almost a month late, but late’s better than never for getting the word out that The Answer, Mattias Häggström Gerdt’s amazing 100% fan-made tribute to Kota Hoshino’s musical work on Armored Core, has finally been released!

The Answer features unique takes on several of the most memorable Armored Core tracks such as Monkey Likes Daddy, Apex in the Circle, and Shining, while still retaining that distinctly Armored Core sound and feel.

The producer has quite a bit to say about his labor of love. Continue reading »

Dec 202010
Comiket 79 05

The devotion of AC fans knows no boundaries, and a group of hard-core enthusiasts decided to publish a series of fan magazines in the upcoming Comiket (Comic Market) 79 this coming December 29, 2010 in Japan. From what we gather, the contents will include original fan illustrations of Armored Core/s, and some articles that may interest fans. More images after the jump, along with their studio links: Continue reading »

Aug 072010
Linka and Sophie listening to some AC tunes.

So far, he’s making a damn good job at it. Mattias Häggström Gerdt is a freelance Swedish video game music composer who had a hand at developing music for various video games and music artists (what did you expect from a guy that had Viking war music in his bloodline?). Inspired by various Armored Core OSTs, particularly the synthesized vocals used in most soundtracks, he decided it was high time that a tribute album be made in honor of this unique method of music composition.

You can read his essay on processed vocals in Armored Core soundtracks (Prominent examples include Artifical Sky, Shining. Samples of which can be listened to after the jump) that got him started on this project. If you need a quick memory refresh on what synthesized vocals were like in Armored Core, hit the jump for a quick refresher on Shining form AC:N and Artificial Sky from AC3 as well as a sample of Mattias’ awesome tribute album: Continue reading »

Apr 252010

This video simply brims with an awesome display of fireworks, Kojima Particles, missiles and beams that can only come together in a carefully choreographed display of timing, positioning, and probably having a little too much time in one’s hand playing Armored Core: For Answer, which leads to spectacular results. Simply put, a pyrotechnic and dance show unlike any other. Stuff like this makes synchronized swimming look like a joke.

Thanks Atdsutm for sharing this.

Nov 262009

Megas XLR not included.

Because everyone digs giant robots.

Ok, I know I’ve been slow. Not covering Silent Line Portable‘s JP release was already a sign and missing last week’s Random Mecha Video of the day/week was another. So to make it all up for the lack of Random Mecha Videos and content, I present a massive collection of Mecha Anime openings from 1960’s till 2008. This is not my work, but it has been floating around an would at least interest anyone who has played SRW and asked “Where the hell did this robot come from?”. You’ll see it all, from icons like Tetsujin 28 (including the re-makes and re-imaginations), Mazinger-Z, various Macross and Gundam titles, to obscure super-robot titles such as Chogattai Majutsu Robo Gingaizer (Super Combining Magical Power Robo Gingaizer). It’s 7-8 hours of awesomeness and mecha history. The download links after the jump. Continue reading »