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While most of you guys were safe and cozy at home last night, AEA1 and me braved the flooded roadways of Makati and Manila in search of a legendary burger that was rumored to have the power to bring most mortals to their knees.

The road was treacherous, as the rising floodwaters rendered them impassable to all but the most determined of travellers. Fortunately for us, our vehicle was amphibious.

[Image: DSC00671.jpg]

Upon arriving at the tavern, named "Zark's" by the obviously mentally-unhinged proprietor, we were guided to our posts by one of the very friendly NPCs, who then inquired as to what it was that we were seeking. All around us, there were other adventurers, resting their weary bodies and filling their empty stomachs. We answered that we were here for the Tombstone Burger. The knave laughed politely and took our orders. He then warned us that the patties would take around fifteen-to-twenty minutes to finish cooking before departing for the kitchen.

In hindsight, that should have been our first clue.

[Image: DSC00674.jpg]

Some time later, as the serfs brought in our food, a palpable hush came over the room. The other patrons all stared in bewilderment as two large plates bearing a total of four pounds of beef, cheese and bread were placed in front of us, along with six hundred grams worth of fries. Whispers of "Look at the size of that thing!", "Are they insane?" and "Shet, sana yun na lang ang inorder ko." flew around the room as the smirking waiters withdrew, leaving me and AEA1 with incredulous looks on our faces.

[Image: DSC00675.jpg]

Zark's has a challenge for this particular burger. Finish the entire thing in ten minutes and you get a photo of yourself mounted on their wall of fame and a free t-shirt. AEA1 and i said no. No way that we could even finish half of it within that timeframe.

As i stared at the fortress of meat and starch in front of me, the thought "What in Hel's name have i gotten myself into now?" kept repeating itself in my head.

[Image: DSC00676.jpg]

Each Tombstone Burger came with a servingbattalion of french fries and a glass of iced tea. The burgers themselves consisted of four patties (each one layered with a melted slice of cheese and a lot of cheese sauce) and almost no vegetables.

Yes, i advocate the saying "It ain't burger anymore if you eat it with a fork" but this particular burger made a hypocrite out of me as i had no choice but to resort to using a knife and fork to tackle this monster.

[Image: DSC00679.jpg]

The patties were huge, half-pound, unsophisticated chunks of beef, cooked just right with a good mix of doneness and juicyness, not unlike the too-greasy patties in some other burger joints i've been to. Good flavor too, not too salty or spicy. Not exactly the best i've ever tasted but decent enough. The fries were huge as well, cut pretty thickly with the skin on, although the flavor was a bit lacking.

Unfortunately for us, the burger patties were so huge that it seemed like we were barely making a dent in it with each bite we took and the fries so abundant that there seemed to be no end to them no matter how many we snatched off the plates. I was starting to think that there was a french fry farm underneath all those potatoes. One that spat out another piece of salty starch each time we consumed one of their number.

[Image: DSC00677.jpg]

Eventually, the good doctor took his last bite and threw up his hands in surrender. His last words before dropping his head on the table, stomach groaning in agony, were "Nevermore."

[Image: DSC00678.jpg]

[Image: DSC00680.jpg]

And yes. After battling the beast for almost half an hour, i too succumbed and raised the white flag.

Envy and hunger. That is all.
my stomach wouldn't survive that kind of gauntlet, I already learned that from ordering a 4x4 with grilled onions at In n out.
(08-07-2012, 04:29 PM)Fox Wrote: [ -> ][Image: DSC00674.jpg]

I just found out that Zark's has a bacon-covered, deep-fried version of the Tombstone that they charmingly call "The Lapida".

May the fates have mercy on whoever chows down on that.
burger raid on thurs. possible targets are vikings, draft burger or a repeat campaign of A. venue burger.

am also open to suggestions
(08-14-2012, 10:42 AM)AEA1 Wrote: [ -> ]burger raid on thurs. possible targets are vikings, draft burger or a repeat campaign of A. venue burger.

am also open to suggestions

I talked to Leperman last night. He'll be reporting to you sometime today with a few suggestions.
There's this thing called "The Monster" in Momo cafe in Ayala Triangle:

[Image: burger1.JPG]

Also Offbeat Burger's Double Offbeat Burger in Makati (double burger sandwiched in between a doughnut, Jake and I have tried this before):

[Image: 181354_426618714029573_1658407371_n.jpg]

Chuck's 5 minute challenge:!__chucks-challenge
Christ. Must trys.
I'd be willing to give the Monster a shot but that Double Offbeat one... nope, even i have my limits. Big grin
The Double Offbeat looks like the best breakfast sandwich evah!

@The Monster

I'd try the fries instead of the burger.

Quote:Ramen Omellete

2 eggs
1 pack ramen (beef/mushroom are best, but be creative)
1 green onion, chopped
1/2 cup (or more) of your favorite cheese
1 tsp. sesame oil

Cook ramen as normal, but drain well. Beat eggs together as if you were making an omelette, add onion and packet(s).
Mix eggs into ramen gently with chopsticks.
Get a no-stick pan and put it on medium heat. Add sesame oil and drop egg/ramen mixture into pan (make sure to spread it out evenly).
After 2-3 minutes, sprinke cheese on top of omelette and half-flip it to make a pocket.
After 3-5 mins. flip onto other side for 3-5 mins. Serve it up and Voila!
^ I have to try making an okonomiyaki sometime.
excellent... double offbeat it is...
(08-14-2012, 05:18 PM)Lord_Leperman Wrote: [ -> ]Also Offbeat Burger's Double Offbeat Burger in Makati (double burger sandwiched in between a doughnut, Jake and I have tried this before):

[Image: 181354_426618714029573_1658407371_n.jpg]

This thing looks like lunch and dinner to me. Ako lang ba?
Damn that just looks fucking wrong.
I remember it tasting okay though, but it has been a long time.