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It actually doesn't gross me out when I look at it. It'll take some mental preparation but I'm pretty willing to give them a try.
My dad tried some after we moved there and he says they're really crunchy and have a flavor reminiscent of peanuts but with a bitter aftertaste. Big grin
So I heard there's a Mushroom Burger opening in Katipunan, across Ateneo and beside Sbux and Natio (where Jolibee used to be) Happy

I'll go buy a few burgers for sure when it does.
Also, I was wondering if you guys knew any places in Manila that served good burgers that do not have ketchup and mayo (aside from Grams and Mr. Jones).

Burger Avenue and Army Naxy Burger both have lots.
Just tell them to not put any when you have the burgers made. Smile
(02-10-2010, 09:42 PM)NiX Wrote: [ -> ]Just tell them to not put any when you have the burgers made. Smile

But it would significantly alter the desired taste of the burger by the person who created the recipe! D:

Hrrrr. Worst Love Crime Ever >_<

Edit: This woman is even worse: >_<
So I made cheesecake with cherry glaze yesterday, and Sforza commented that while it was ok, it wasn't firm enough. Now I ask anyone who had experience with making custards and cakes, how do you make a cheesecake much more firm?

If there's enough interest, maybe let's start a cooking thread? :p
can u tell me more about the cake? did u bake it?
oh btw im in pastry kitchen and i bake......lots of stuff that most people buy in stores.
Yeah, Rick, was it baked or just refrigerated?

Good cheesecakes take forever to make. That's why the stuff you find in most restaurants are shitty, easy-to-make refrigerated versions.

You gotta grind up some crust, pre-bake it. Make your cheese stuff and put it on the crust. Bake again. Cool. Refrigerate overnight.
not forever lol....but patience is rewarding. herbs help.
Do herbs put you in a time warp? LOL
it compresses the 'in the moment' while you make the reach far back into the drifting history of cooks who make cheesecakes with traditional methods.....appreciating the knowledge and XP they passed down and for some 'random' wtfness cool story bro like you are there in that moment of your life making
What? LOL
I think my brain shorted out trying to make sense of that. LOL
Whoa! I fell asleep. Its the baked version. Here's what I put in yesterday:

1 bar of cream cheese
1/2 cup of cream cheese spread (Had to use it because it was gonna spoil in 3 weeks and my folks don't really eat cream cheese)
3/4 cup of sugar
3 tsb flour
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extrace
1/2 tsp lemon zest
1tsb of all purpose cream.

For the crust, it was the standard Graham crackers, sugar and butter. For the fruit toppings, I just used preserved cherries, and heated all the contents (including the syrup) on a stove while mixing in some corn starch to help thicken the mixture.

[Image: UdIHn.jpg]

Baked the whole thing in around 20 minutes for 200 decrees Celsius. I'm suspecting that it was the cream cheese spread that was the culprit in the softer texture. So any suggestions for making a better cheesecake? Any alternative cheeses I can use or any ingredients I can add? :p

(after reading my post, it sounds like I'm asking for suggestions for an AC design LOL )
Nanay ko po!

You really have a knack for things like this Rick. Darn. I'm green with envy.