Sep 262007

Finally found one. Guppy vs. Azure Knight (both from ACO).

Holy hell. I’ve never seen a tank that quick.

Some quick points I noticed:

* The grrreat number of AP you get (well, in comparison with the other ACs of this generation anyway).
* Near infinite flight.
* Turning speed is no longer a problem.
* You have the choice of going aggro or defensive at any point in the match.
* Bigger weapon payload, and possibly more ammo to go with it.

Mar 272006

The official weblog of the Raven Republic is now online! Yey! Yey!

This is where we’ll keep updates and announcements from now on, although important stuff will be reiterated inside the forums themselves. This shall also serve as the new front page of the site, as you’ve probably noticed by going to this URL.

On the lighter side of things, the rumblings of a PACT II can be heard just over the horizon. Summer? Maybe. :D

That’s it for now people. I’m out.