May 092012

A huge surge of creativity outside designing ACs in RR. A lot of effort went into designing emblems, including those of RR mascots Sophie and then others. Eye popping effort done by RR’s resident artist Trace-02, each one of the emblems are original RR characters that are completely ogle/drool worthy. Take note that most of the emblems in the gallery are composed of 2 layers. Take a look at the awesome emblems after the jump:

The Green Flamingo emblem was inspired by the team’s colors, that and Trace wanted to turn the cock into a chick.

  • Mix

    Not being able to sign into the game for a while, I’ve only seen these now.


  • Jose Maria Alcabaza

    Yeah. It’s like turning your AC into a walking [in this case: crawling] billboard.
    Somebody make ‘WE WANT ACV PATCHES”‘ themes and distribute it over other AC sites.

  • grog_magog

    This game needs to be reclassified

  • sora

    that is so cool. may i please join your team i am really good at using a ac my name is sora, my ps3 name is also looking for a team to join. 

    • NiX

      Hi sora. Sorry but our teams are completely full. :(

  • Santa216

    It’s like they’re a Goddess Protection And Admiration Group. I imagine the pilots faffing around in their war machines, yelling “Osu!” through the speakers, and sniping suspicious bystanders with giant laser rifles. If you ever asked one of them if that doesn’t seem a bit overprotective, they would first get genuinely surprised, assure you that is not the case, and then salvo your position with four kilotons’ worth of unguided missile fire. The pilot would then go back to sorting through his newest batch of Sophie pictures.

    I would definitely not screw with those guys.

  • FromCheng

    Absolutely amazing. Also considering the fact that the only thing I can draw on my emblems are words, you have my thumbs of approval.


  • Sacrilege

    … This is amazing O.O!