BYOB = Build Your Own Burger!

Last March 21, 2009, RR had experienced probably its most awesome and grandiose event ever, the Build Your Own Burger event. The idea goes like this: 3 grills, 48 patties and buns, 8 sausages and buns, and an army of hungry guys bringing varieties of toppings ranging from veggies, spices, condiments, meats, and earnestly waiting to devour food.

The event started off early afternoon which peaked at around 3pm and 7pm in time for snacks and dinner. Sforza was kind enough to host this event in his place, while RR members offered their grills, toppings, while Hempire made his debut in RR, displaying his skills from his passion for cooking.

A quick rundown of the ingredients used besides burgers, buns, Kielbasa sausage and some spicy sausage Shintetsu got for us:

Caramelized onions
Japanese curry
Bell peppers
Wasabi mayo
Sour cream
Shredded cabbage
Hempire‘s special “hemp mayo” custom
Pineapple rings
Salad dressings
Lettuce, Tomatoes and Onions
Various processed cheeses
Canadian bacon

Of course, no RR meet would be complete without game time which included Street Fighter 4, Tekken 5: Dark Resurection, and of course Armored Core: Last Raven (I don’t remember playing FA except in my place before the event with some people). PSP games also included Phantasy Star Portable, and a bunch of other games. Fox borught out his laptop and showed episodes of Genshiken and had a long discussion about comparing RR with the cast of the mentioned anime/manga series.

Later in the evening, some of us went out and brought some beer, to which we don’t know what ever happened to it as not all of us really drink the stuff. Around the same time, Sforza‘s mom gave us a whole box of chocolate cake to complement our already awesome BBQ. :P

Around 20 people were fed and stuffed by the end of the day, and the success of the event almost guarantees a second one in the near future. It is, as many people have said, the greatest RR event ever. Stay tuned for further news regarding the next BYOB and prepare your stomachs for any announcement.

Special thanks to Sforza and Trace for all of the pictures in the event. You can view more pictures here.