Armored Core VI Gameplay Trailers Galore, Oh My!

Following the Summer Game Fest, the past couple of days have blessed us with a bunch of new gameplay videos to ogle over and dissect. We got to see more of Assault Boost in action, which was previously detailed by game director Masaru Yamamura in an interview with PlayStation. We got to see how the garage interface will look, as well as potential number ranges for part stats. We got to see how the HUD looks.

But we also got to see a couple of one-on-one engagements. The first is with an oversized quad wielding an oversized blade, and the second looks like a boss battle against a cartoonish blast furnace robot from hell.

And dare I say it? Okay, I’ll say it. Particularly in the context of PVE, the more methodical and deliberate pace of combat as well as the telegraphing of incoming attacks, reminds me a lot of Da… kidding, I’m kidding.

Pull up the videos!!!

We’re all up in discussion over it at the Discord if you want to join.

It’s a good time to be a Raven.

[via Gematsu]