Armored Core 6 Releases on August 25, 2023

Oh glorious heavens.

Armored Core 6’s Protagonist is a Raven?

News came up about Armored Core 6’s age rating in Korea, a symptom of a slow news day when the only newsworthy topic is its age classification. However, something interesting pops up when you directly translate the text into English as discovered over on the Armored Core subreddit.

Translating the game’s description yields the following text (ran through Deepl translatior):

Independent mercenary 621 Raven tackles the secrets of the Rubicon in this action-packed game.

The translation leaves a lot to be desired; it is unknown if “Raven” refers to the pilot/character’s name, or if it’s still the term used for the mercenaries who pilot the titular Armored Cores.

At least, it’s good to know that our website’s name will still be relevant for the next Armored Core generation.

More of the Sickest Armored Core Music Remixes

You’ve probably listened to The Answer tribute album over a decade ago, and now we found something to tide you over until the eventual release of Armored Core 6.

These are a bunch of Armored Core inspired tracks, amazingly composed by Shok Music. Every single track in the playlist is sure to hype you up for the upcoming AC game, or maybe use those tracks instead of AC:LR’s mediocre sound track. Give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

Do give Shok Music a like, and sub, they deserve it. Now excuse me while I drown myself in this wonderful music land.

Rumored Armored Core 6 Release Window

Further proof that Armored Core 6 is the worst-kept secret in the gaming world, rumors about a potential release window have surfaced thanks to dubious sources. According to these rumors, the game could be released around September-October 2023, just in time for the year-end holiday season, if the release date is indeed final.

However, it’s worth considering that the game may be delayed for further polishing, as was the case with From’s previous title, Elden Ring, which was delayed from 2021 to 2022.

We’ll keep you updated on any rumors or news related to Armored Core.

Thanks Atdsutm for the news source.

ACLR Fantasy Tournament by LCC and TMRaven

Armored Core veterans LCC and TMRaven recently hosted a fantasy tournament for Armored Core: Last Raven over at the Armored Core Discord server.

A fantasy tournament is where a couple of hosts play with submitted AC designs and pit them against each other in a tournament setting. This largely bypasses the geographical restrictions of playing against each other and equalizes the skill factor in piloting ACs, since they use the same pilots throughout the entire fantasy tournament.

Here were the 16 participants, care of TMRaven.

Individual battles from his perspective will be uploaded to his channel in the coming days:

Meanwhile, LCC streamed the entire tournament:

Congratulations to Crimson Fury with his AC Libra for winning the tournament! Thank you as well to LCC and TMRaven for hosting. It’s not an easy feat organizing and playing a fantasy tournament, and we really appreciate your efforts for the community. May your cores continue to be armored.

Raven Republic Socials

Raven Republic gets with the times to bring you original Armored Core content on live streaming and video. Check out this compilation of some casual match videos on our official YouTube channel.

You can also catch us live on our official Twitch channel.

In an effort to further organize the flow of information here at Raven Republic, we’d also like to let you know of the existence of our discussion platforms:

Raven Republic Forums:

Raven Republic Discord:

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Armored Core Universe is Back Online

We’d like to let all Ravens/NEXTs/mercs know that Armored Core Universe is back online after a long dormant period. After an almost five-year hiatus, the site opens its doors to the public once again. Just like here in RR, ACU’s forums have been a source of AC knowledge, references, and guides, and it has a community of players that call it home.

In related news, AC veteran TMRaven from ACU has released the latest version of his arm weapon tier list for Armored Core: Last Raven. This is a handy reference to have for creating and refining much of your designs. We should know – RR has used Last Raven as the game of choice for our last 6 PACTs.

Mighty thanks to TM, and for everyone else, please give ACU a visit!

A Look Back at Armored Core 1’s Early Development

A recently translated interview regarding Armored Core 1’s development was released by Shmuplations. It gives a very good account on how Armored Core came about, and how Shoji Kawamori shaped the style that made iconic designs the franchise is known for.

Some interesting choice quotes from the interview that we’d like to clarify on:

—How did you divide up the different design components for the mechs?
Kawamori: It took a lot of time to figure out how finely we should categorize the parts. There were programming limitations to consider, as well as game balance issues. Currently, we have the core torso unit, the arm unit extending from the shoulder to the hand, the option for weapon loadouts on shoulders (left and right), then the head and lower body units.

The lower body unit, in particular, has a wealth of options, from bi-pedal human type legs, to avian-style joints with reverse articulation, and even four-legged mechs and tank-tread types. In the beginning, we’d planned even more categories: the arm alone would have been comprised of three units (a shoulder, arm, and hand unit). But that would have been WAY too much work. (laughs) And the potential combinations would have become truly astronomical then.

Interesting that Extensions became a thing in the PS2 era, when technology finally allowed them to take one smaller step to their initial ideal version of Armored Core design. Maybe From can reach out into its deep past and add those arm and hand weapon mounts this time.

—You said there was a lot of trial and error, but at what point did you ask Kawamori to do the mecha design?
Karasawa: We created a prototype with a robot, and once that was moving and able to fire missiles, then we started to see how this would shape up as an action game. That was when I contacted Kawamori. We don’t have a “mecha expert” among our internal staff at FromSoftware, so the mech design at that point looked like dolls constructed from cardboard boxes. (laughs) However, although the mechs looked crappy then, the movement itself was well done, and I thought it would be a shame to waste that on lame designs, so we decided to contact someone who could make the mechs look right.

The early, pre-Kawamori designs can be seen in Armored Core’s (very early) PV right here:

“Armurrred Cuorrr… In the summer of ’97 you will meet your makurrr…. yurrrself!”

Read up on Shmuplation’s whole translated interview here, it’s an interesting read for sure.

Thank you Nix for sharing the interview, and special thanks to Hellhound 13th for archiving Armored Core’s first PV.