IGN’s Interview with AC VI Creators Miyazaki and Yamamura

IGN recently sat down and interviewed the creative leads of Armored Core VI, From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki and game director Masaru Yamamura. Burning questions were asked about the gameplay, and we can almost be certain that it won’t be the Soulsborne/Elden Ring gameplay people have come to expect from the studio.

Besides that, the interview highlights how From will use their wealth of experience in the past few years in developing the next Armored Core title.

Read up on IGN’s extensive interview here.

Come and speculate with us on what Armored Core VI might be shaping up to be in our forums.

Thanks to farmboy28 for alerting us of this in the forums.

Armored Core VI Announced!

It’s been almost a decade, but get ready to suit-up, Ravens, NEXTs, and fellow mercs. Armored Core VI was just announced in The Game Awards 2022, and I can barely contain my excitement.

From the looks of things, it will be a combination of designs coming from all AC games, with hints of Primal Armor from 4, weapon switching from V, and maybe new core functions. These are all speculation for now, and we will continue to track Armored Core VI as we approach its intended 2023 release date.

Come, let us all bask at the warm glow of Armored Core VI’s trailer once more:

DUAL GEAR – Mecha Strategy Game

UPDATE: Gameplay video added.

Quite possibly the Front Mission game we should’ve had instead of the spin-off Front Mission Evolved. Dual Gear is being created by a small group of five developers, that aim to bring a top-notch mecha strategy game to life for your PS4/XB1 or Mac/PC. And they just might be able to pull it off with the support of mecha fans. Gifs, vids, and more info after the jump.

Papercraft Mecha

It’s been a while since we’ve seen papercraft featured here in the front page. This one comes to us from machinecore. Presenting, Red Dragoon:

Red Dragoon

This piece pretty much shows you there’s nothing you can’t do with the right type of paper. Those sharp edges are definitely a nice touch.

Want more of this awesome stuff? Head on over to his DA page.

Drac’s ACDC 2.0 Results

The results are finally in for Queen Drac Wraith‘s second aesthetics ACDC. A total of 93 ACs were entered all in all.

That’s a lot of ACs.

Hit the jump for the list of all the winners!

Drac’s ACDC 2.0 – Results Incoming!

Submissions are over, and it’s a whopper – 51 93(!) ACs strong for Queen Drac Wraith‘s second aesthetics ACDC. I’m assuming most, if not all of those are present in that sweet superimposed image up top. Hit the jump to see the entire stipulations list.

In a post-Verdict Day world, it’s good to see activity for the whole range of AC titles still going on (even if they’re not tournaments in the traditional sense).

Any AC is good!

Pacific Rim – A Must Watch!

After months of silence here on the blog end of things, I feel compelled impelled to give a short update.

Simply put, if you’ve ever been a giant robot fan, you need to go see this movie. Suspend your disbelief for two hours (it’s very easy), and enjoy the ride.


What Happened?

UPDATE: Alright, so basically, everything’s now back to normal. We’ve migrated hosts, forums are back up, and regular activities can now resume.

Carry on.

OK, so that was definitely not expected. RR’s getting too big for her britches.

Basically, we’ve outgrown our hosting, what with the advent of ACV, and all the new members/players coming into our very happy little corner of the interwebs. So in short, all those 500 Server Internal Errors and slow, laggy days were due to too many people accessing the same site all at the same time. Growing pains, plain and simple.

While we work out the exact details of an upgraded hosting package, I’ve turned off the forums for now, since that seems to be the main culprit. Bummer, I know, but as of now, that’s the only thing we can do.

Keep your cool, ladies and gents. We’ll be back as soon as we can.