AC3 Matsuri 2 Match Videos

Long time AC fan Naitoh, who has been an excellent source of information on the Japanese Armored Core scene, has recently uploaded videos of “Matsuri 2”, a Japanese Armored Core 3 tournament held back in January of 2003, on his YouTube account. Sadly, we have no further information regarding the tournament such as its rules and part restrictions. Beyond that, the only information we can confirm for sure is the slight lag with the 2nd player because of the i.Link connection, as mentioned by Naitoh himself, a given problem in the AC3 and SL editions of AC.

However, it’ll be interesting to see how Armored Core’s playstyle has evolved given the 7-year gap between AC3 and AC3P, and the revamped controls on the on the PSP.

Naitoh‘s Matsuri 2 tournament playlist HERE.

The championship was won by Imori, a long time AC player with a history of winning various tournaments in various AC games. The final match can be seen below.

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