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Philippine Armored Core Tournament I
Calling all Filipino Ravens in the vicinity of Metro Manila.
The time has come.

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Philippine Armored Core Tournament I (PACT I)</span>

An Armored Core: Last Raven PvP tournament.

October 28, at around 10 AM-5 PM.

At Doom Trigger's place, located at Halcon Street, Laloma, Quezon City.

Format and Specifics:
Bracket elimination format, exact specifications are being organized. Random pairings will be done come tourney day.
One AC entry per contestant.
Best of three rounds, 5 minutes per round.
Finals match will be best of five rounds, 5 minutes per round.
Losing player of the round chooses the next map.

Match Rules:
A ring out counts as a loss.
A double KO is a draw, the round will be considered null and will be repeated.
When both ACs are out of ammo and any other means of lowering their opponent's AP, the AC with the higher AP automatically gets the win, whether time has run out or not.
Conceding rounds is allowable.

Advanced Base
AC Garage
Crest Base
Military District
Marine Base
Born City

Finalized Ban List:
UA core with hangers
Lemur2 arms + left arm gun or shield (including hangered left guns)
Loris arms + left arm gun or shield (including hangered left guns)
TP boosters
Pegasus back part
all ECM pods
ROE2 ammo extensions
H3 handgun
HP handgun in the hangers
Roc4 pulse rifle in the hangers
any GameSharked or Action Replayed files (or hacked files of any kind) -- of course!

> If possible, please bring your own controllers. No 'special functions' controllers please, just the basic PS2 Analog Controllers.
> Other games to bring: Tekken 5, AC:SL, whatever else you'd like the others to see/play
> Please bring money for food etc.

Confirmed Attendees: 19 so far
Doom Trigger (After all, he owns the venue Big grin)
George (AEA1's friend)
Twin's bro
Zigg's friend

Tentative: To be put into this list, please post or tell RR members of your interest to join. Then you (or they) will have to PM Doom Trigger for his permission, as we'll just be playing at his place for free. DT's confirmation should be forwarded in PM to me or Leperman, and then we'll add you to the confirmed list. Also, guys who aren't yet sure if they'll be able to make it will be placed here.
Black Dragon
Pale Horse
siblings and friends of RR members

EDIT: PACT I is finished. It was a smashing success. Smile

The results are as follows:

[Image: pacti.jpg]
Alright, everything seems to be set in stone, except for the brackets. We have ten (or eleven) people coming. However, with ten contestants, there will always be complete pairs, and always one extra person per side of the elimination table, save for the semifinals. That makes for two people always without pairs. If we pair them up and put them on one side of the elimination table, then that would make the thing unbalanced, since on one side there will be three pairs, and on the other side only two. Plus, once the first round is over, the problem of the extra person pops up again.

Argh, I should draw this stuff out in case you guys don't get what I'm saying, but I have no time right now... I hope some of you do get the picture I'm trying to paint.

Any other ideas on how to make this work?
Dala na rin ng Bloody Roar~

It's easier if it's in round robin...
But since it's in bracket format...

Let me see...
What if we do it this way?

[Image: untitledao4.jpg]
'Signatures are overrated.'
Yes, that would work. Number 11's a pretty lucky guy. :tongue:

However, what about if only ten can make it? In that case, going by your illustration, this will be the case:

[Image: bracketscq3.jpg]

It's really quite unfair, contestants five, six, seven and eight will have to go through three matchups, as opposed to the others who will only have to go through two, to get to the finals. Any other suggestions guys? For the moment, this looks good, besides that issue of fairness.

Oh and BTW, I noticed that the ECM pods weren't listed in the ban list? :blink:
Wait a while...

Darn I'm getting a headache...

We'll figure it out... something or at least somewhen...

Even = Normal Bracket matches
Odd = Append or pick a wildcard from losing players from previous matches...

What do you think?
'Signatures are overrated.'
I think I'm gonna need time to think about this. Gotta go to school, you know? XD

The others can have their contributions too, don't forget. C'mon guys, we need help.
I'm doing my school project as of now...
Maybe I can post it when I'm done...

If there're 12 of us, maybe we can pull it off easily...
'Signatures are overrated.'
Maybe we can drag one's sibling along? That is, if its alright with Doom Trigger Big grin
I was planning on bringing my brother along...
Or my friend...
Whoever is available...
Kaso, wala pang confirmation ni DT kung ok...
'Signatures are overrated.'
Let's discuss the meeting place to get to the venue. I know some of us don't know where the venue is, so I'm asking Jay to once again to help guide us to the location.

We'll probably carpool from SM megamall and meet up with those who want to go for the ride.

Nix, are you and Maitreya still taking my car with me to get there?
I hope this helps...

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>
'Signatures are overrated.'
Sowee guys fro the late reply(oh my, it's the 3rd time this day I've written the same message :wink: ). I've already replied to your growing number of PMs.

Can I have the confirmed number of guests? You can answer thru this page, as I don't check my e-mail or PMs unless told to (too lazy LOL ).

Ok DT out and back to work :hmm: ..
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you won't be able to live as yourself.
You will sacrifice all your happiness for the world.. Eternally..
(Last words to Zero - Lelouch Vi Britania)
sayang di ako makakasali sa tournament ^^
Mga tao!!Sorry kung ngayon lang aku ulit nagpost!Busy aku sa skewl eh shit...Anyway,sama aku sa tourney!O nakalista na ba ku?=[
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syet... di ako makakasama sa tournament :sad:

busy kasi ako... hectic pa sked ko... nagawa ko na nga yung AC ko para sa tourney...

siguro next time na lang (sana...) LOL

[Image: upeo113pr8.gif]


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