Fight Aaliyah Kawate In ACFA On August 20

From what we gather, From Software’s Armored Core corporate mascot the self dubbed “Black Torrent” Aaliyah Kawate, will be making an online appearance this coming August 20 Japan time on player matches in Armored Core: For Answer. The Black Torrent will be making an online appearance for all AC fans to basically beat him up, and you can tell everyone that you’ve played an online match with an Armored Core celebrity. Essentially a guy in an Aaliyah helmet and a suit, he’s From’s company representative in recent officially sponsored tournaments, as well as various player meetings over the past few months.

Select matches will probably be broadcast live on Ustream on that day as well. Check out Aaliyah Kawate’s awesome looking AC emblem after the jump:

Classy if you ask us. If you’re feeling like it, go fight From Soft’s mascot online for a few matches on August 20 and try to impress him. As for the Black Torrent’s skill level, you be the judge. You can see much of his awesomeness/silliness at his own blog.

You can view more info on his online appearance this August 20 in From’s official Armored Core site. No word on what times he will be appearing on that day, but we’ll update you guys as soon as we find out.