Armored Core Championship Tournament Season 3 Finals Result

The results of a Japanese nationwide Armored Core: Last Raven Portable tournament held last May 29 are finally in, gathering 8 ravens from all over Japan to one tournament to find out who is indeed the Last Raven.

A Dengeki Online coverage of the tournament noted some observations from PS2 PvP games of ACLR, most significant is the greater difficulty of aerial battles due to the limitations of the PSP’s button configuration, making the look-up and look-down functions a bit more awkward compared to the PS2 version.

In addition, there is greater emphasis on range control, or darting in and out of one’s effective weapons range to dish out damage instead of short range slug-fests. Much of the player victories are attributed to AP lead instead of destroying an opponent’s AC.

In line with the celebrations, a web poll was conducted asking fans who they think will win the grand championship. Fan speculations turned out accurate, with the winner of the fan poll also being the winner of the tournament as well. Hit the jump to find out who the champion is and watch the fight videos:

Preliminary Bracket:

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4


Round 1 = Match 1, Match 2, and Match 3
Round 2 = Match 1 and Match 2

Final Bracket:

First match and 2nd match of the finals. All matches can also be viewed in the ACCT site.


Aaliyah MAX vs. the Champion

Props to the champion for using some very unorthodox weapons. The first configuration consists of the SYLPH machine gun, a left shotgun, ECMs, Ground Torpedo extensions, a 69M missile pack, and HP handguns in the hangers. His second configuration uses the much underused FENRIR and left hand missile launcher as primary weapons with the same handguns for hangers. All of these aren’t expected to win fights by the standards of different AC circles (Like for some people here in RR), but he managed to pull it off.

For more information and pictures, visit the official Armored Core Championship Tournament website.