Nine-Ball Seraph Playable in Another Century’s Episode: R

Nine-Ball Seraph is indeed present in the From Software developed mecha mash-up called Another Century’s Episode: R. The iconic Armored Core villain, this time controlled by pilot Winter, appears as the second to the last boss of the game. And after the 11th playthrough, Nine-Ball becomes a player selectable mech.

The gameplay video of Nine-Ball in action, as pointed out be commenter Shance, shows that this AC redefines broken beyond even the original. This new version sports energy machine guns on its arms, twin laser blades that fire wave blades, multi-launch vertical missiles, exceed orbits/orbit cannons, stealth camouflage, a gigantic death laser from its chest, AND its classic jet transformation. Oh, and it’s also one of the fastest, most maneuverable mechs in the game.

Another thing that Armored Core fans will surely notice and appreciate is the use of old school Armored Core sound effects and even a remix of the classic Nine-Ball theme for the BGM. It seems that From Software made no effort to hide its favoritism. See for yourself in the video below.