Wi-Fi Between Devices (Wi-Fi Direct) Coming in 2010

The Wi-fi Alliance, the trade group for responsible for the current wi-fi system, has agreed to a new Wi-fi standard called Wi-fi Direct which will allow wi-fi devices to communicate directly without having to go through a wi-fi hub. The potential uses of this technology are quite big as one can potentially perform Bluetooth functions to already existing wi-fi devices. Videos can be sent to TVs from the PC without having a physical connection between the two, or play ridiculous pranks on your neighbor’s equipment who still has an unsecured wi-fi connection. This revolutionary new technology may fulfill the technological dream of being able to control any electronic device remotely, at a touch of your fingertips.

The most excellent thing with this story: It will come as a software upgrade to already existing wi-fi devices and will come built-in with newer ones. Wi-fi Direct is expected to be out by mid-2010.

Thanks to Grim for the heads up.

[via: Mashable]