Mecha Destruction for the iPhone: iMech

Does your iPhone lack any giant robot aplications? Have the urge to satisfy your urge to blow something up? Look no further than the recently released imech for the iphone. More info and a gameplay video after the jump.

This arena mech shooter features up to 8-player online deathmatch, 3 different mechs to pilot, and 5 weapons to choose from including machine gun, laser, flame thrower, missiles, and mines. Movement borrows some elements from Armored Core including an energy gauge which depletes whenever your mech boosts or activates its shields.

The game looks like a low-spec Mechwarrior, which is quite an achievement given that it is made for the iPhone. Visit the Flying Dino developer website for more details. The game is already out and retails for $2.99 in the Apple app store, go grab it if you feel the need for some mech destruction on the go.

[via: touchArcade]