Aug 242010

Around a month left before Front Mission Evolved’s release and we get teased with a new Wanzer once again. This time it’s the KEHEI, a Wanzer from Da Han Zhong, a faction that first appeared during the events of Front Mission 3, and given the introduction of this unit, they might play another role in the upcoming FME title. The appearance of this Wanzer is very much different from the previous ZEPHYR teased a few months back. Nonetheless, this new unit is a welcome addition to FME’s growing arsenal.

Read more about this new Wanzer in the FME development blog.

Aug 192010
Back Camera

It’s. About. Time. (Video after the jump)

Armored Core’s uber boss is finally making an appearance in Another Century’s Episode R, the latest incarnation of the long running ACE series which allows players to pilot their favorite anime mecha from various shows and blow stuff up. Finally, the chance that many AC power tripping fans have been hoping for is here without using some cheatcode to use him (We don’t really know if players can use him, but we’re assuming they can). From Software, who developed the same game, also inserted a Murakumo mech from the game with the same name in the first ACE title as well, so the tradition kinnda follows. More screenshots of this magnificent find after the jump: Continue reading »

Aug 192010

Here are some pictures of the Armored Core: Last Raven version of Evangel’s Oracle, soon to be released by the end of December this year. Collectors should be happy to know that this kit will contain a new set of legs (DINGO2) and a core (C89E) never seen in any AC kit before it in addition to the GERYON2 back-mount.

Check out a small gallery of the upcoming Oracle model kit after the jump: Continue reading »

Aug 142010

Here are a bunch of Armored Core papercraft models made by a person known as 東雲 遠音, who has painstakingly created three different Armored Core models out of paper. Papercraft or Paper Models for those who are new to the hobby, is the creation of 3D scale models using nothing but paper (or card paper for a little more stability in the finished product), glue, and a cutter. Hobbyists print out pre-set patterns of the models (sometimes of their own creation) and after hours of hard work, a 3D paper model of the figure emerges.

Time consuming and somewhat difficult to do, Papercrafting is a labor of love. As 東雲 遠音 shows, it is also rewarding as he has created the basic starter AC from Armored Core Nexus, a GA SUNSHINE AC, and a SOLDNER AC from Armored Core: For Answer. He also created an X-SOBRERO core, but the remaining parts might have been discontinued due to the flimsy frame.

Watch videos of him assemble AC models from paper after the jump: Continue reading »

Aug 132010

Welp, it’s that time of the year. Raven Republic was founded on August 13, 2006. We couldn’t resist posting a new colored Sophie Emilia picture to commemorate this event, drawn and colored yet again by the very talented Trace 02. RR’s cover girl still looks as fresh as ever. With all the events and meetings RR’s members have been through, we all hope to expect RR to stay around much longer.

Happy Birthday RR!

Aug 122010

Attn: Immaterial and general Busou Shinki fans. Part of your dreams have come true:

So what is this? Like Busou Shinki, this is an anime about cute girls girls in battle armor. The difference is, they actually have some nice looking CG battles to show for it. Not exactly on the level of the beautiful Macross F, maybe a level below it but still quite good if you ask us. Watch the trailer above to see for yourself.

To quote Fox, one of our forum members:

I see a weapon that looks like funnels, a weapon that looks like an exceed orbit and a weapon that looks like an AC-style laser blade, plus the guy’s armor seems strangely familiar as well.

A connection maybe?

[via: Japanator]

Infinite Stratos is set for a winter anime season release.

Aug 082010
Yep, ground torps.

When it comes to missile technology, From Software has developed a twisted knack for finding all sorts of creative ways to screw us over. If you’re dodging the four-pronged assault of the Hydra, then you’re either evading Death-From-Above from a Mortar Rocket, or the slow, impending doom (and mushroom cloud) that follows from touching a Titan. Continue reading »

Aug 072010
Linka and Sophie listening to some AC tunes.

So far, he’s making a damn good job at it. Mattias Häggström Gerdt is a freelance Swedish video game music composer who had a hand at developing music for various video games and music artists (what did you expect from a guy that had Viking war music in his bloodline?). Inspired by various Armored Core OSTs, particularly the synthesized vocals used in most soundtracks, he decided it was high time that a tribute album be made in honor of this unique method of music composition.

You can read his essay on processed vocals in Armored Core soundtracks (Prominent examples include Artifical Sky, Shining. Samples of which can be listened to after the jump) that got him started on this project. If you need a quick memory refresh on what synthesized vocals were like in Armored Core, hit the jump for a quick refresher on Shining form AC:N and Artificial Sky from AC3 as well as a sample of Mattias’ awesome tribute album: Continue reading »