Ballsiest Way To Defeat The Final Pulverizer

Get ready for an upset…

The Final Pulverizer is a big blue menace. Fast, hard hitting, and nigh unstoppable for the rookies of Armored Core, it fittingly deserves the position of being the final boss of Armored Core Last Raven (Once the player unlocks all missions and ending paths).

Sure there are various methods of defeating Armored Core Last Raven’s secret boss for the series’ veterans (The seemingly useless Parry Blades for example), but by far the ballsiest way to kill the damn thing is by using nothing more than the starter AC. This also works for players seemingly strapped for cash in-game (how you run out of money at this point of the game, we don’t know). Hit the jump for the video:

Granted there may be internal modifications, option parts, and tunes involved, it is still a fairly doable tactic in killing the final boss. Unless of course, the final pulvie decides to fly around instead of hopelessly trying to slash the player in the same place… Then we have a problem. Other ways we’d consider ballsy in killing the final boss would include bomb dispensers, rockets, and the SILKY energy machine gun.

Thanks J.E. for the cool video.