New Anime: Infinite Stratos

Attn: Immaterial and general Busou Shinki fans. Part of your dreams have come true:

So what is this? Like Busou Shinki, this is an anime about cute girls girls in battle armor. The difference is, they actually have some nice looking CG battles to show for it. Not exactly on the level of the beautiful Macross F, maybe a level below it but still quite good if you ask us. Watch the trailer above to see for yourself.

To quote Fox, one of our forum members:

I see a weapon that looks like funnels, a weapon that looks like an exceed orbit and a weapon that looks like an AC-style laser blade, plus the guy’s armor seems strangely familiar as well.

A connection maybe?

[via: Japanator]

Infinite Stratos is set for a winter anime season release.