Aug 192010

Here are some pictures of the Armored Core: Last Raven version of Evangel’s Oracle, soon to be released by the end of December this year. Collectors should be happy to know that this kit will contain a new set of legs (DINGO2) and a core (C89E) never seen in any AC kit before it in addition to the GERYON2 back-mount.

Check out a small gallery of the upcoming Oracle model kit after the jump:

Thanks J.E. yet again for updating us.

[via: Kotobukiya through Ngee Khiong]

  • Anthony Palafox

    Correction – collectors will be happy that there will be new parts available to fuel their Dr.Frankenstein-ish tendencies!

  • Anonymous

    That Evangel color scheme is actually looking good on the LEMUR2. I really hated it with hte VVictoria.