Nine-Ball Seraph Playable in Another Century’s Episode: R

Nine-Ball Seraph is indeed present in the From Software developed mecha mash-up called Another Century’s Episode: R. The iconic Armored Core villain, this time controlled by pilot Winter, appears as the second to the last boss of the game. And after the 11th playthrough, Nine-Ball becomes a player selectable mech.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor – Teaser Trailer

Just a few hours ago during Microsoft’s Tokyo Game Show, mecha fans were treated to a teaser for a new Steel Battalion game being developed by From Software, of Armored Core and Demon’s Souls fame, for Capcom. This new Steel Battalion game is set to take advantage of Microsoft’s Kinect technology instead of the 32-button controller that the original was famous for. But of course it’s still too early to tell how exactly the Kinect will be used to simulate piloting a giant robot.

Anyway, enjoy the trailer below and be hyped with the rest of us.

One More Wanzer Profile For Front Mission Evolved: KEHEI

Around a month left before Front Mission Evolved’s release and we get teased with a new Wanzer once again. This time it’s the KEHEI, a Wanzer from Da Han Zhong, a faction that first appeared during the events of Front Mission 3, and given the introduction of this unit, they might play another role in the upcoming FME title. The appearance of this Wanzer is very much different from the previous ZEPHYR teased a few months back. Nonetheless, this new unit is a welcome addition to FME’s growing arsenal.

Read more about this new Wanzer in the FME development blog.

Nine-Ball Seraph in Another Century’s Episode R

It’s. About. Time. (Video after the jump)

Armored Core’s uber boss is finally making an appearance in Another Century’s Episode R, the latest incarnation of the long running ACE series which allows players to pilot their favorite anime mecha from various shows and blow stuff up. Finally, the chance that many AC power tripping fans have been hoping for is here without using some cheatcode to use him (We don’t really know if players can use him, but we’re assuming they can). From Software, who developed the same game, also inserted a Murakumo mech from the game with the same name in the first ACE title as well, so the tradition kinnda follows. More screenshots of this magnificent find after the jump:

New Anime: Infinite Stratos

Attn: Immaterial and general Busou Shinki fans. Part of your dreams have come true:

So what is this? Like Busou Shinki, this is an anime about cute girls girls in battle armor. The difference is, they actually have some nice looking CG battles to show for it. Not exactly on the level of the beautiful Macross F, maybe a level below it but still quite good if you ask us. Watch the trailer above to see for yourself.

To quote Fox, one of our forum members:

I see a weapon that looks like funnels, a weapon that looks like an exceed orbit and a weapon that looks like an AC-style laser blade, plus the guy’s armor seems strangely familiar as well.

A connection maybe?

[via: Japanator]

Infinite Stratos is set for a winter anime season release.

Front Mission Evolved Pre-Order Bonuses

Okay, looks like our mecha trigger fingers will have to wait a little further, as Front Mission Evolved’s release date has been pushed back to September 28, a full 2 weeks from the original September 14 release date. However, all is not lost as FME’s devs are preparing two pre-order bonuses for those who wish to purchase the game prior to its release date. These bonuses are only available when you pre-order the game at Amazon, Gamestop, and Best Buy in North America only.

The two bonuses are the Calm and Rexson series of wanzers, both of which have existed since the first game and have been given updated visuals for FME. Like in previous games, the Calm is a multi-role wanzer while the Reckson is more sniper-oriented in design. Hit the jump to see what these classic Wanzers look like now:

Macross Trial Frontier Announced For The PlayStation 3

Famitsu magazine released details that Bandai Namco have announced Macross Trial Frontier for the Playstation 3. The PS3 game is set to be a sequel to Macross Ultimate Frontier released a year ago for the PSP. The game itself is bundled with the first Macross Frontier movie in one blu-ray disc packaged as “Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime ~ Hybrid Pack” an unusual method of distributing a game similar to the blu-ray release of District 9 included an early demo of God of War 3 for the PS3 as well. Hit the jump for the magazine scan:

Busou Shinki and Busou Shinki: Battle Masters

Let’s sidetrack a little from our usual Armored Core coverage and focus on a recent game released under the name Busou Shinki: Battle Masters.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Busou Shinki (Armament God Princess) is a toy franchise accompanied by an online game that features girls clad in armor and weapons. Each series release is called a “Wave” where in each Wave, a specific artist designs weapons and armor sets, giving a unique feel or theme for each Wave release. Continue reading after the jump: