Sega Going Full Force on AC4

Alright, so we can all stop Google Translating the Japanese AC4 site, because Sega (who, for those who still do not know, are now publishing the game – no more Agetec) just released their version.

Have a quick look around there, and notice the Engrish that’s been present since Armored Core 2 is still lingering in the metal-flavored air. Overed Boost? C’mon.

Anyway, they also launched a community site: AC Ravens. Dubbed as the official Armored Core 4 enthusiast community, this is going to be the medium Sega will use to interact with the fans. I guess if you’re not much into reading Japanese text, this is the place to go for the newest headlines surrounding the game.

AC Ravens is now closed, but who knows when they’ll open it up again. Maybe in the next installment, which seems like a bit of a far reality right now, considering how long it takes to develop games for the next-gen consoles (the PS3 more so), as well as how well the regulation updates are being received by the players.

Agetec also did something like this when it had the publishing rights to the game, albeit on a lower and much quieter scale. Sega has the marketing force to do this successfully.

Don’t look now, but it looks like Armored Core is finally getting the attention it deserves. After that – the World Cyber Games? Lol who knows. :D