Armored Core Flight Sticks

Here’s an interesting little peripheral if you’re interested in getting more out of your Armored Core experience. Sony released its first Dual Analog Controller, officially known as the PlayStation Analog Joystick back in 1996, which look like a pair of flight sticks (or twin-sticks if you ever played Virtual-On). Unlike the overwhelming 40 button Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox, these twin-sticks are much more intuitive for mech gamers looking for a simulation fix.

RR is actually in possession of 2 sets of flight sticks c/o Trace, and hopefully we’ll be able to mod these peripherals to be compatible with Armored Core controls. Inspiration comes from a hobbyist named lkjhgfdsaisamu from Youtube and his videos demonstrating their compatibility with Armored Core. He carefully warns that these sticks have been heavily modded using parts from a Dual Shock controller, as the analog function is strictly relegated to the left stick functions only (Similar to the analog nub controls on the PSP incarnations of AC). See the modded flight sticks in action after the jump:

We’re very much hoping to play AC with our own sticks once modifications start.