10 Most Overpowered Weapons in Armored Core

Right arm weapons are nobrainers to use. Just point and shoot, simple enough that anyone with the slightest bit of hand-eye coordination would be able to do. While there is a wide variety of weapons to choose that will burn, shoot or crush your opponents, at times From Software just makes it a little too easy for people punch holes into each other. Here we shall see the 10 most overpowered weapons in old school AC that make killing NineBall Seraph and Phantasma, a breeze.

10 Most Overpowered Right-Arm Weapons In Oldschool AC

aur_wh01hpFirst Appearance: Armored Core: Ninebreaker
Most overpowered version: All versions
Overpowered strengths: High damage rate, high damage per shot, light weight, can be used as a hanger weapon

Whoever had the idea of putting rifle rounds in a pistol either had really big hands, or had an uncontrollable urge to turn his enemies into bloody sausages. The CR-WH01HP is Armored Core’s answer to Dirty Harry’s .44 magnum revolver; aside from sharing the magnum’s iconic hand-cannon looks, the HP is just as accurate, packs a 6 round magazine, and hits like the proverbial freight train.

To add insult to injury, the HP also features a fast firing rate, wide and shallow lock, and is a hanger-capable weapon; if you’ve exhausted your main armament’s ammo, you can easily whip out this bad boy and finish off your enemies faster than you can say “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

At a measly 42 rounds of ammo however, the HP is one quick thrill ride.

How to make it even more deadly: There’s a left arm version… go figure.

aur_rf220First appearance: Armored Core 3
Most overpowered version: AC3
Overpowered strengths: Light weight, high ammo, wide and shallow lockbox, high accuracy.

While AC3 was touted to be a fairly balanced game, most of us back in 2002 had no idea that one of its most overpowered weapons was readily available in the shop, just waiting for some noob to stumble upon its potential.

The RF-220 carries 220 rounds of ammo, has an attack power of 290, and has a reload rate of 25 frames, which were pretty damn good specs for a gun that was a veritable featherweight at a mere 325 weight points. The 220 was accurate too – its muzzle velocity was clocked at 910 points, easily making it one of the straightest shooters in Armored Core 3’s repertoire of weapons. Best of all, it is armed with a Wide and Shallow lock box, making the weapon usable from close to mid range.

No other weapon carried such a lethal combination – its light weight allowed it to be equipped on even the lightest (and speediest) of AC builds, while its fast rate of fire ensured that opponents were kept under a consistent hail of hot lead, while its WS lock ensured that no opponent can escape its sights.

Then somebody went and made it deadlier. The true potential of the RF-220 comes out when it’s paired up with the HZL50. This combination offers mid-range coverage and a powerful howitzer for a close range punch. Thankfully, the RF-220 received a downgrade when Silent Line was released, changing its Wide and Shallow lock into a Special lock box, thus making it more difficult to use at close range. As AC3P was released, many players still used this little overpowered beast, as evidenced in a recent tournament.

aur_wr73rsFirst appearance: Armored Core: Nexus
Most overpowered version: Armored Core: Last Raven
Overpowered strengths: Supreme accuracy, Zero lock time, fast rate of fire.

Remember the Smart Gun rig that Vasquez chick was packing in Aliens? Now imagine loading a .50 Calibre sniper rifle on that frame instead of the machine gun, and you’ve got yourself the RS. As expected of a love-child of these two, the RS is blessed with godlike accuracy even for a sniper rifle, featuring a near-instantaneous lock-on time that allows you to BOOM-headshot even the quickest of foes as they zip past your lock box. Originally packing 40 rounds in NX, the RS’ capacity was reduced to 36 by NB and LR.. but that’s when they gave it zero lock-on time.

How to make it even more deadly: Use it in conjunction with the NICHIRIN Left Arm flamethrower unit. There’s a glitch that turns any of your currently equipped weapon’s lockbox into a WS lock while maintaining its lock range. This cheat only works with Japan’s port of AC: NX though.

aur_wh79m2(More commonly known as the M2)
First appearance: Armored Core: Nexus
Most overpowered version: Armored Core: Nexus
Overpowered strengths: High damage rate, high heat, wide and shallow lock box, accurate (for a machine gun).

When the devs decide to name a weapon after the venerable Browning M2 heavy machine gun, you know it’s bad news. Upon its debut, the M2 machine gun differentiated itself from its back-mounted cousin by having a much needed WS lock box and a tight shot spread, making it deadly at close range.

What truly set this shooting iron apart, however, was its ridiculously high attack power. At 240 attack points, the M2 boasted double the damage of an average MG – closer to a rifle actually – while retaining an MG’s ability to engulf the enemy in red hot death.

Sadly, it only has 160 rounds of ammo. At 10 bursts each, ammo reserves drain quickly. Worse is its nerfing during NineBreaker. A drastically increased shot spray made the weapon impossible to use accurately unless at point-blank range.

How to make it even more deadly: Like the WH01HP, it has a left arm counterpart.

aur_wh79h3First appearance: Armored Core: Nexus
Most overpowered version: All versions
Overpowered strengths: rate of fire, high heat, wide and shallow lock box, accurate at close ranges, large magazine capacity.

A pistol that sets people on fire…

Let that sink in for a second.

Granted From Software’s probably not the first group to come up with such an awesome idea, some sadistic pyromaniac in their ranks probably decided it was high time the concept was entertained, leading to the birth of this little monster. The H3’s crazy cheesiness comes from its accuracy, high magazine capacity, and scorching ammo heat.

While quite weak when used on single player missions, the H3 is absolutely devastating against human players. The ammo heat generated by this weapon is close to double compared to other handguns, while its high ammo capacity enables you to keep your enemies cooked well past extra crispy for as long as the match (or their AP) allowed.

How to make it even more deadly: 2 of these bad boys will burn ANY player AC.

aur_wh05bpFirst appearance: Armored Core: Ninebreaker
Most overpowered version: Armored Core: Ninebreaker
Overpowered strengths: High damage, high rate of fire, accurate, high ammo capacity

The BP marks the first time that bazookas became competitive weapons in AC. Debuting in Armored Core: Ninebreaker, the BP boasts 40 accurate ass-kicking slugs that that put even the venerable Karasawa series to shame. Featuring a stunning 1680 attack power, accuracy rivaling most rifles, and the second fastest reload rate of all bazookas, the BP quickly became a terrifying weapon in the hands of any capable pilot.

Its heavy weight and SP lockbox prevents lightweight AC from using this weapon, but that’s just about its only disadvantage this weapon has. It’s big, it’s bulky, and it’s powerful; It’s the AC embodiment of penis envy, bukkakefying explosive death onto the face of the next unfortunate schmuck that got in the way.

Thankfully, From balanced the BP to satisfactory levels when LR was released, reducing its rate of fire to an acceptable 98 frames from 72, while maintaining its accuracy and firepower.

How to make it deadlier: Pair it up with a Wide and Shallow lock weapon to increase its lock box. Or pair it up with a 2nd BP (but having 2 penises often never works out in the end).

aur_wyrmFirst appearance: Armored Core: Nexus
Most overpowered version: Armored Core: Nexus
Overpowered strengths: High ammo capacity, accurate, damage rate, long range.

Picture two sniper rifles slapped onto one gun. This is the easiest description I can give for the WYRM. This sniper rifle from AC:NX features a unique double-tap firing mechanism, which launches 2 bullets in quick succession. Having almost 800 attack power, each bullet is guaranteed to hurt, and with 2 being fired in quick succession, the damage rate can climb up quickly.

While virtually castrated by NB with only 24 rounds, its first incarnation was armed with a whopping 60 rounds of ammunition, thus giving it endurance and power at the same time. Assassin snipers would love this weapon if they’d want to disrupt international bi-lateral peace talks; they’d be able to pop the heads of two signatories before the pen even hits the paper.

How to make it even more deadly: Like the 01HP, it has a left arm version. Or pair it up with a WS weapon to increase the lock box size (NICHIRIN for NX users).

aur_mg800First appearance: Armored Core 3: Silent Line
Most overpowered version: AC3:SL
Overpowered strengths: Weight, ammo, lockbox, accuracy, damage rate

At first glance, the MG-800 doesn’t look all that spectacular when compared to the game’s other MGs. What the 800 does have, however, is a surprisingly fast muzzle velocity of 810 points, putting this spitter’s bullets squarely at the same speed as the rifles. Add up its staggering 4 frames per shot firing rate and 124 attack, and you’re pretty much chainsawing the opposition, at gun range.

Once again though, the devs got the last laugh when it came to AC3:SL. The effectiveness of MGs in general became significantly less at higher defense levels. It’s perfectly possible to make an AC that’s impervious to any damage done by the MG/800 in SL. The said build is a sitting duck against everything else in Silent Line however, though that’s beside the point. By the time NX arrived, the magazine reload and inaccurate spray means that the MG-800 gave way for the M2 as the top machinegun.

How to make it deadlier: Pair it up with the SRFL/70. The MG/800’s WS lock makes the SRFL/70 an accurate shot out to mid-long range, while the 800’s ROF covers you up close.

Karasawa Mk.II
aur_karasawamk2First appearance: Armored Core 2
Most overpowered version: Armored Core 2: Another Age
Overpowered strengths: Accuracy, damage rate, weight (relative to its abilities)

The Karasawa is to AC what the Beam Rifle was to the RX-78 Gundam – a symbol of raw firepower condensed into a handheld weapon. As AC’s reigning flagship weapon (alongside the Moonlight) the, Karasawa is a benchmark, the standard to match if a weapon is to be recognized as a serious game ender, or cast away as a mere novelty toy.

This iconic weapon’s second incarnation in particular is its deadliest and most overpowered form. Weighing in at 1120 weight points, the Karasawa Mk.II is the second lightest of the weapon series (The AC1 Karasawa weighs it at a flat 1000).

Unlike its predecessors, the Mk.II’s laser bolts have a large hit detection area similar to grenade launchers. The Mk.II is accurate up to mid to long range, and is almost impossible to dodge up close. Coupled with its high damage per shot and reasonable ammo reserves, the Mk II is a class of its own even within the Karasawa bloodline, if only limited by its weight and EN drain usage.

Hell, if Zeus saw the Mk II, he’d probably toss away his thunderbolts, grab Hephaestus by the collar, and growl, “Make me one of those, bitch!”

How to make it even more deadly: Just use option parts that either boost your EN weapon damage, or reduce your energy consumption. Otherwise, it can stand on its own. Now, how many other weapons can proudly say they don’t need additional bells and whistles to kick ass?

WAFINGERFirst appearance: Armored Core: Project Phantasma
Most overpowered version: Armored Core: Project Phantasma
Overpowered strengths: High ammo capacity, extreme rate of fire, light weight, Wide and Shallow lock box.

Who hasn’t been blinded with pink whenever they came face to face with an AC toting the WA-FINGER, quite possibly the most broken weapon devised in old school AC? Essentially a full-auto shotgun, the WA-FINGER will gleefully rip through enemy AC’s, and all in a package that’d fit even in the puniest of mech builds. It’s the equivalent of a kitten (you) ripping a defenseless roll of toilet paper (the enemy) into shreds.

It even makes Phantasma, the final boss of Armored Core: Project Phantasma, an instant cakewalk due to it 5-bullets-a-frame firing rate, and near-limitless 3000-round capacity.

Let’s do the math: each burst consists of 5 bullets, and the reload rate is at 1 frame. Each bullet has 155 attack power. 1 Second (Corresponding to the PSX’s 30 frames a second) x 5 bullets x 155 attack power = 23250 in 1 second. This makes it the fastest damage dealing weapon in any AC game. If the iconic weapon to use in a zombie apocalypse is the shotgun, then having a man-sized WA-FINGER will ensure humanity’s victory, even when used by the last man standing on Earth.

It’s a wonder how From Software managed to notice the brokenness of such an inconspicuous weapon. And they continuously nerfed it with each succeeding game release. In MoA, its rate of fire was reduced to half, and its capacity to 500, before being nerfed to near-uselesness in AC:NX. In the end, even the almighty Finger got fingered.

Co-written with Twin-Skies. Part pictures via: ArmoredCoresFrom. WA-FINGER picture from forum member Goat.