Armored Core Championship Tournament Season 1 Results

The officially sanctioned Armored Core 3 Portable tournament by From Software has finally ended and just in time prior to the release of Silent Line Portable. The results are up as well as tournament videos from various tournament locations all over Japan.

Not much has changed when it comes to part selection among participants compared to the initial release of AC3 for the PS2. The RF/220 is still the easiest weapon to use in the game, and is widely present in the tournament. Another prevalent weapon appearing on the top rankers is the OC/15 orbit cannons and the Multi-missiles. Overall the designs are well varied despite the usual domination of bipedal ACs.

One particular highlight of the tournament IMO was the Final match of “$” in the Kanto region 2. As much as it is a creative way to win, it does not get any style points.

Tournament videos and results are on the following links divided by the various regions and prefectures in Japan where the events took place. Enjoy watching:

Tokai area
Kansai region
Kyushu prefecture
Hokkaido prefecture
Kanto area 1
Kanto area 2

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Thanks to J.E. Magog for the heads up.