May 252011
Armored Core Limit Release

This fine and dandy Armored Core modification for Unreal Tournament has been in development for a year now, and much progress has been made since its inception. You can get more info on this up-and-coming modification on Moodydata’s Moddb page for Armored Core: Limit Release. For this update, progress has been made with new animations which you can check out below. Continue reading »

Mar 172011
Greifer 06

Over at the forums, resident kit-basher Fox just directed us to a ridiculously good scratch-built original model that won the Hobby Japan: All Japan “Ora-Zaku” Championship 13th.

Named YAMS-130B Greifer, this fan-created mobile suit is a reimagining of the classic MS-18E Kämpfer (or MS-07 Gouf?) for the Unicorn Gundam timeline. Continue reading »

Feb 212011

Have you ever thought that you could’ve done a better job at balancing Armored Core than the developers? Us too.

That’s why we were ecstatic when we first heard several months ago that a fellow AC enthusiast, going by the name of Adiyel, was opening up the inner workings of Last Raven.

Before getting to the actual stat-changing, he had to dissect and sift through the piles of code accumulated since Armored Core 3, which you can read about here. But it appears that he already has working mods, as showcased in the (blurry) videos above and below. Continue reading »

Feb 072011
The Answer Cover

We’re almost a month late, but late’s better than never for getting the word out that The Answer, Mattias Häggström Gerdt’s amazing 100% fan-made tribute to Kota Hoshino’s musical work on Armored Core, has finally been released!

The Answer features unique takes on several of the most memorable Armored Core tracks such as Monkey Likes Daddy, Apex in the Circle, and Shining, while still retaining that distinctly Armored Core sound and feel.

The producer has quite a bit to say about his labor of love. Continue reading »

Dec 202010

Long time, no post, but this one piece is too good to pass up. Allegedly from the same creator of the Aaliyah Custom this really well painted Lahire kit has no special mods, gimicks or tricks, but it sure is pleasing to look at. With a blue, white, and gold paint scheme, the overall combination of colors plus the builder’s skill combine together for a fine finish.

Thanks J.E. for the heads up.

Sep 092010
Armored Core Limit Release

David Ball, or Moodydave/Moodydata as he’d like to be known in the internet, has been continuing the development of his one-man effort called Armored Core: Limit Release.

In his 42nd update on moddb, he shares how this pet project of his has gone on for far longer than he expected but that he looks at what he learns from the work rather than how much still needs to be done. What is unclear until now though is whether the project will simply be an OVA or a fully playable mod. But with his mindset, we can only expect good developments either way.

And to cap things off, Dave has treated us to an all new teaser. He even managed to get a few voice actors. Do check it out below. Continue reading »

Sep 012010
Armored Moon Sailor Core

What’s this? Someone actually took the time of putting a robotic version of Sailor Moon for Armored Core: Master of Arena, and it looks like it is working just as expected. We’re strangely excited about trying this out for some reason, and we’re expecting some sort of magical transformation to occur when you equip the grenade launcher. See the gameplay video after the jump: Continue reading »