Now THAT’S a Kämpfer/Gouf!

Over at the forums, resident kit-basher Fox just directed us to a ridiculously good scratch-built original model that won the Hobby Japan: All Japan “Ora-Zaku” Championship 13th.

Named YAMS-130B Greifer, this fan-created mobile suit is a reimagining of the classic MS-18E Kämpfer (or MS-07 Gouf?) for the Unicorn Gundam timeline.

What’s exceptional about this work by Style-S is the attention to detail. From conceptual sketches to 3DCG models to background information to scratch-built armor and LED detailing, the guy has covered it all.

Now I’m not sure if it was part of the contest prize (since I can’t read Japanese), but it is likely that this fan work may go into Gundam canon and even be featured in an upcoming episode of the ongoing Gundam Unicorn OVA. Here’s to hoping that they even release it as a kit.

More pictures and details at the creator’s website over here.