Armored Core: Last Raven – Hacked!

Have you ever thought that you could’ve done a better job at balancing Armored Core than the developers? Us too.

That’s why we were ecstatic when we first heard several months ago that a fellow AC enthusiast, going by the name of Adiyel, was opening up the inner workings of Last Raven.

Before getting to the actual stat-changing, he had to dissect and sift through the piles of code accumulated since Armored Core 3, which you can read about here. But it appears that he already has working mods, as showcased in the (blurry) videos above and below.

Interesting things to note in the first video are new parts that have been added in and that for some reason, the 3D models of some parts are actually linked to their stats.

Part 2 features an actual demonstration of some modifications done on micro missiles, which unfortunately is hardly visible.

This last video is actually a highly detailed lecture on weapon accuracy mechanics in Last Raven, as revealed through the game code.

While I must admit that there really isn’t that much to see from these videos, what’s important to note is that this does confirm that Last Raven has indeed been hacked, and that we may soon be able to rebalance it to however we see fit.

Great job so far, Adiyel, and may you keep on going.