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Mar 152008
The RR Last Supper

Thank you Big Rigs, the best game ever made. If it weren’t for your greatly detailed textures and spot-on collision detection, as well your tight controls and realistic physics, this shot would have never happened.

Yeah there’s Rick Jesus in the center, and Goat Iscariot to his side. The other disciples may have moved around a bit though. For comparison’s sake: Continue reading »

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Mar 052008
Sophie - Smiling

After a year and a half we finally decided to go and do it: buy ourselves the grand domain name of Sure some of that underground, free flavor will have been lost, but I don’t think it matters now anyway. We know who we are. Now it’s time to let the rest of the world know.

Plus now that I look back having a domain makes us look like freeloaders and amateurs. Haha.

In case of any troubles with the new address like broken links or error pages, direct your questions and complaints to the help desk.

Raven Republic (.net). Spread the word.

Jan 052008
Sausage Fest

Late updates seem to be the norm around here. Gotta change that for the New Year, RR!

Just this past December 28 to 29, a number of us went to have some R&R (the real R&R) over at Tagaytay Highlands. Once again, care of the kind sforzando, we stayed at a pretty nice condominium unit with all sorts of activities and good eats planned.

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Dec 082007
Armored Core For Answer

The majority of the Armored Core fanbase is abuzz with the new AC game that From Software has announced. What started out as a mysterious counter on the Armored Core site has now erupted into a full scale information feeding frenzy. Named “Armored Core: for Answer” (as far as I know, anyway), the game deviates from the usual premise of single player missions and eventually online versus by finally putting in what some fans have been clamoring for for a long time: coop missions. In huge, wide open spaces. Against huge, wide bosses/fortresses. With transforming mechs. Online.

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Nov 112007
Sophie - Tongue

PACT III: ah, the day finally arrived. After planning the new regulations for so long, we finally got to try it out in a real tournament situation. And the results confirmed what was lingering there all along, but no one really pointed out… that the format was pure genius. Forcing players to create three distinct (and by distinct, I mean really distinct) ACs was the key to refreshing the way we approached the game as a whole.

Think about it: every round, a different AC to face. That means readjusting everything: your strategy, the tactics you will use, what kind of game you’re going to play, and so on, all while taking into account your opponent’s personal and general playing style. Quite a challenge, and as beastkiller said, it really forces you out of your comfort zone, which is always a good thing.

The matches were great. We had good variety of designs and playstyles.

Eventually we had a winner, and surprise surprise, who else would it be but the best among us? Congrats Leperman!

Click on the image below to see the whole story of the brackets. If the right side doesn’t make any sense, well let’s just say we have a winner, and leave it at that. Otherwise explanations would take all day. Continue reading »

Nov 072007
Sophie - Wut

In continuation of PACT III, we’re holding 3.1 this Saturday, November 10. Place is still sforzando‘s residence.

Honor the system and don’t change your ACs guys. For the new entrants, unfortunately you’ll only be able to officially rank through the loser’s bracket.

Speaking of the system, we’ll be using the new way of scoring matches, so you better try and obliterate your opponents every time in all the ways the game allows it.

For the four semifinalists: me, Lord_Leperman, maitreya and NiX, good luck and godspeed!

Let’s fight like gentlemen!

Oct 162007

Portal is now skinned, so for the most part the aesthetics going into the Republic are done.

Sophie’s finally made her appearance! Although I must say, being black and white doesn’t exactly strike the eye as much as a colored version will. Keep refreshing to see all her… err… flavors.

As for the logo, well, if someone can make us a 800×100 pixel banner (or 800×150 pixels at the most), well, that’d be grand.

Sembreaks sure do give you lots of time to finish your stuff.