Armored Core Flight Sticks

Here’s an interesting little peripheral if you’re interested in getting more out of your Armored Core experience. Sony released its first Dual Analog Controller, officially known as the PlayStation Analog Joystick back in 1996, which look like a pair of flight sticks (or twin-sticks if you ever played Virtual-On). Unlike the overwhelming 40 button Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox, these twin-sticks are much more intuitive for mech gamers looking for a simulation fix.

RR is actually in possession of 2 sets of flight sticks c/o Trace, and hopefully we’ll be able to mod these peripherals to be compatible with Armored Core controls. Inspiration comes from a hobbyist named lkjhgfdsaisamu from Youtube and his videos demonstrating their compatibility with Armored Core. He carefully warns that these sticks have been heavily modded using parts from a Dual Shock controller, as the analog function is strictly relegated to the left stick functions only (Similar to the analog nub controls on the PSP incarnations of AC). See the modded flight sticks in action after the jump:

Armored Core Analogs: Parrying Blades

Of all the weapons in Armored Core, none share the consistency that the Parrying Blades have ever since they were introduced. Consistent, that is, at being utterly useless. While all parrying blades can and will hurt you real bad if they ever connect, there lies the problem: IF they ever connect.

Armored Core Analogs: Bazooka Arms

Whether From Software really thought that two bazookas per AC was an unsatisfactory ratio of awesome, or whether somebody in their team had serious penis envy issues, we don’t know. What we do know is that the outcome of this brainstorming resulted in something equal parts WTF, and equal parts pure evil – the bazooka arms.

Armored Core Analogs: Bazookas

While rifles are fine and dandy if you value finesse, there comes a time that you just want a weapon that satisfies your inner barbarian’s urge to crush anything that moves. You, my friend, need a bazooka.

Armored Core Analogs: Shotguns

Perfect for situations like these.

Every shooter in the known universe will have a shotgun, and Armored Core is no exception. And just like every incarnation of the this weapon, AC’s own brand of boomstick is a nasty little beast you do not want to cross.

While its shot spread and slow reload speed are limiting factors to a shotgun’s capabilities, these quirks are forgotten when one gets a taste of the weapon’s ability to turn your AC into something resembling a clip from Destroyed in Seconds.

Armored Core Analogs: Grenade Launchers

“Unfold gently when in need of serious heat.”

Don’t let the name fool you – from its long barrel, heavy weight, to its earth-shaking power, what Armored Core calls a “Grenade Launcher” is anything but a grenade launcher.

PlayStation Philippines Launched

Sony officially launches the PlayStation series game consoles in the Philippines on March 27, 2010 and they’re holding a launch party to celebrate its release in the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City on the same date. Does this mean we get locally distributed PSN cards and official tech support? We here in RR hope so.

Read on for the official press release.

Armored Core Analogs: Slug Guns

Shotguns are awesome.

While they lack a rifle’s range or the MG’s sustained fire ability, they’re capable of generating absurd amounts of damage in one quick pass. So when From Software decided to up the ante with Slug Guns, you’d think we’d slapping them on our ACs ASAP, right?